Idle Alien MOD APK 120 (Unlimited Boosters)

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NameIdle Alien APK
PublisherVGames Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Boosters
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Idle Alien is a click simulation game that takes the familiar alien theme without being boring. The war takes place in a galaxy far, far away. This place is completely ruled by different aliens, and there is no appearance of humans in this game. There are a bunch of spaceships that are traveling around the universe, they’re messing around with other planets. Not only that, they also attack and massacre innocent planets. Controlling an army of Aliens and protecting planets from enemy attacks is your mission. Each level of Idle Alien offers different rewards.

The gameplay of Idle Alien is relatively simple and accessible to users. Just pick out the powerful Aliens in your alien army. Then just wait for the Aliens to attack the invading ships. To focus on attacking, touch the enemy airships. Invest your earnings in buying new superheroes. Or upgrade them for more damage on attack. Upgrade the Tabs to increase the powerful damage of the heroes. Must destroy all enemy spaceships to be considered to complete the requirements of the game Idle Alien.

Idle Alien android

Download Idle Alien mod – The battle between the aliens and the spaceship army

The play area is surrounded by a circle of blue light. Inside is the appearance of spaceships with the constant attack of Aliens. Alien heroes fly aimlessly in the battlefield. Therefore, as soon as a spaceship appears, players need to quickly click on this spaceship. It helps these Aliens to focus on attacking the spaceship as quickly as possible. The location of the spaceships is also not fixed. When the Aliens fly at surreal speeds, there will be light trails following their run. Each light streak has a color corresponding to the power system this hero follows.

Idle Alien apk free

Countless Aliens

The variety of Aliens at Idle Alien makes you overwhelmed. First, you have to unlock these hero cards through the levels. Then, depending on the strength, each hero will have a different price and color. For example, Eshu has the shape of a yellow tall with blue bloodshot eyes. Or Obgu is big, has small red legs and muscular arms. Hero Las has the most alien-like appearance with blue clothes and big round eyes. The hero Qusul wears white clothes and holds a blue orb of power. There are also countless heroes waiting for you to unlock.

Idle Alien apk

Tap support

In addition to the Aliens constantly attacking the spaceships in space, Idle Alien offers a number of support taps for players. With four main systems placed in the form of cards next to the Aliens section. These are called Boost Systems. The first is Tap Boost with the effect of x10 damage of battle heroes. Double Damge, as the name suggests, doubles all the damage of the spaceships. Double Gold, of course, to help players double the amount received after each win. The final tap is called Double Speed, ​​which doubles the speed for all Aliens in the fight.

Idle Alien mod apk

Large number of spaceships

When the war took place, the number of Aliens participating in the war was so large that they only appeared in the form of a symbolic head. The remaining territory is where the spaceships exist. These spacecraft appear in a variety of different forms. Sometimes it takes the form of an octopus with tentacles that wrap the Aliens. Or a sharp four-petaled flower with the control center in the middle. Or the arched gray machine. They also appear and move around the screen. However, the speed of these spaceships cannot match those of our fiercely passionate Aliens heroes.

Idle Alien mod

Gold coins in Idle Alien do not have round gold coins like in other games. They will be in the shape of a 5-pointed mini star. Every time the player attacks the spaceship, 2.3 stars will be collected. The more attacks and turns, the greater the number of stars collected. They serve to hire and buy alien heroes. Accumulate a lot to invest in Aliens with strong combat power and large attacks. You can follow the blue column at the top of the screen to know the enemy’s health. When it is exhausted, you are close to winning. Upgrade Aliens heroes to gain even more power. Download Idle Alien mod to sweep away alien spaceships with evil intentions.

Download Idle Alien MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters) for Android

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