hyperion launcher MOD APK 2.0.20 (Unlocked Plus)

Updated on 02/01/2023 (4 weeks ago)
Namehyperion launcher APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Plus
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Have you ever felt that your phone looks boring? The color of the interface is not attractive at all. If so, then you should try the hyperion launcher. This can be an application to “decorate” more for your smartphone and make it less tedious and more colorful than the first look. This app is exclusively for android and has very close ties to Google. So you don’t need to worry about the safety of this application. Now let’s create the smartphone that you love the most.

Specifically, the hyperion launcher will make the functions displayed on the screen that do not look eye-catching colors much more prominent. You can even call this app home of your own. In that house, you will decorate everything yourself to make your smartphone stand out. You don’t have to be a top designer or a great artist, and just have that application on your device, and you’re done. Let’s dig deeper into it.

hyperion launcher mod

Download hyperion launcher mod – Decorate and conveniently complement your smartphone

More than simply decoration, hyperion launcher will turn your phone into a real work of art. And then you are the artist to design the best work yourself. All you need to do is manipulate the screen through many uncomplicated buttons. You can change the screen’s color, the applications displayed on it, and the background color of applications, or the home screen is also changed. In general, it gives them a completely different look. When using a smartphone will make you feel fresher. Plus, they are very light and take up almost no space at all.

Complementing its top-notch decorating capabilities are many new tasks that make using your phone genuinely convenient. New functions that your mere phone does not have. You might think it’s better to download an app that supports that functionality yourself. But so, it will have to download a lot of different applications, increasing the risk of capacity overload. That’s why hyperion launcher integrates several interesting functions into a single application.

hyperion launcher mod free

Change the color of the interface

This is the most common feature that almost everyone will use in hyperion launcher. Simply change the color of the interchangeable parts. Such as launchers, drawer backgrounds, folders, search sections, smart widgets… You are free to choose the color according to your preference. From there, the interface on the smartphone will be replaced with a new layer of paint. Looks outstanding and much more interesting than the default interface, doesn’t it? It is because of that simple but enjoyable that many types of colors have been added. Depends on your gender, preferences, and personality. Make your phone unique in the eyes of your friends.

hyperion launcher mod apk free

Add new utilities

If the features available on your phone can’t satisfy you, add something new with hyperion launcher. Gives users a lot of exciting tools. Some of the highlights include the app’s special icon packs. Hidden apps keep you from revealing your secrets to others. Dark mode for all those tools that generally only have one color on smartphones. Google feed includes weather, stocks, news highlights… If you want to decorate such things, the hyperion launcher will thoroughly satisfy you. Turn your phone into a genuinely extended social network.

hyperion launcher free

Advanced operations

Do you want to perform a particular task just by completing simple actions such as tapping or swiping the screen? That’s great, isn’t it? And of course, with this house application, we can also do it. Set up keyboard shortcuts to perform any action. For example, double-tap the screen to open the camera. Swipe 1, 2, or 3 fingers up and down to take a screenshot, turn on the flashlight, power off the phone… This can pose a risk when you accidentally make a mistake. So choose actions that are simple but complex enough to not fall into a dilemma.

hyperion launcher mod apk

Those are all cool things you can use on your phone with hyperion launcher. If possible, suggest an application to help decorate and add utility operations. I fully appreciate this home app for its security and versatility. You probably won’t want your phone to be the same as someone else’s. Then download the hyperion launcher mod now to create your way. Turn your smartphone into a unique device.

Download hyperion launcher MOD APK (Unlocked Plus) for Android

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