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Updated 13/01/2024 (2 months ago)
NameEdge Lighting APK
PublisherAZ Mobile Software
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Edge Lighting

Edge Lighting MOD APK is a flexible and advanced technology that allows users to view notifications, especially with light running vertically around the smartphone. We always feel “connected” to our gadgets thanks to app notifications, calls, messages, and other features. Using sounds or touching the screen to see notifications can be annoying because we don’t always have the opportunity or time to do it. However, now there is a modern and exciting option to give users a better, more efficient way to enjoy their mobile experience called Edge Lighting.

This software will turn the user’s smartphone into an innovative, user-friendly, and impressive notification system. Let’s see how Edge Lighting can improve users’ online experience and bring countless hours of fun. Experience the vibrant and eye-catching light around your screen every time a notification arrives today.

Edge Lighting mod apk free

Download Edge Lighting MOD APK – Bright light around the phone screen

On your phone’s home screen and lock screen, the Edge Lighting app offers the exciting potential of adding lights to rounded corners for aesthetic and functional enhancement. Every time the user receives a notification from an app or an incoming call, the curved corners of the screen light up, creating the illusion of additional reports and significant visual impact. As a result, users can easily distinguish each type of notification and simultaneously experience the convenience of a unique and attractive design. Key messages are highlighted with curved lighting so users can see them more clearly and respond without unlocking the device. Without a doubt, Edge Lighting makes mobile phone use more engaging and enjoyable, giving users the power to decide how notifications appear.

Edge Lighting mod android free

Be aware of important calls and messages

Edge Lighting helps users distinguish incoming calls and messages quickly by illuminating the device’s edges. It uses special lighting effects to attract users’ attention instead of relying on sounds or screen viewing. Incoming calls or new messages will cause the screen’s rounded corners to light up automatically. It results in an attractive announcement that differs significantly from traditional notification methods. Users can entirely rely on colors and lighting effects that can be changed to distinguish between essential calls and messages that need to be prioritized. When the user’s device is in silent mode or the screen is off, Edge Lighting helps avoid missing crucial calls or messages, improving mobile usability and providing convenience.

Edge Lighting mod android

Provides many interface customization options

Not just limited to light notifications, Edge Lighting also offers a variety of interface adjustments so users can design the most ideal personalized experience. Users can turn the edges of the screen into live wallpapers with a wide selection of beautiful colors that perfectly complement the size and shape of the device by adjusting the width, height, top radius, and bottom of the illuminated edge. This program offers many exciting formats, frame colors, and borders that users can choose from. Allows users to change light display speed, width, and other aspects to create lighting effects that suit personal preferences. Edge Lighting MOD APK provides an intelligent notification feature and a tool for users to express their personality whenever a notification arrives.

Edge Lighting mod apk

Optimized not to consume too much battery

Designed not to use too much of your device’s battery, Edge Lighting provides beautiful lighting effects while ensuring stable operations. With this benefit, users can use the application comfortably without worrying about the device’s battery life. Lighting effects use only the brightness needed to attract attention, helping to save battery life. Therefore, Edge Lighting will consume as little power as possible while running. This is especially important for users who pay attention to the battery consumption of applications. So, it can be said that this program is the ideal combination of entertainment and productivity, allowing managers to make effective announcements without worrying that the device battery will quickly drain.

Edge Lighting mod

Edge Lighting MOD APK will be a practical and entertaining application for mobile devices. Not only does it ensure users won’t miss any important notifications, but it also gives the phone a distinctive, stylish look.

How to Download & Install Edge Lighting MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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