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Updated 25/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameHybrid Animals APK
PublisherAbstract Software Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Hybrid Animals

Do you want to try the role of survival as an animal? Hybrid Animals is a game that satisfies what you are looking for. The player will become a survival creature in the wild with his skills. Not only looking for food, but you also face many other dangers. Initially, you will choose a breed for your animal. By choosing two parents, the player will decide on the breed and the appearance. It is the main character that will join you in conquering the harsh life ahead. Hybrid Animals refreshes the genre of simulation of life with the toughest conditions. To survive we need to do many different things.

Unlike keeping a pet, your animal in Hybrid Animals is not that weak. Your character has the qualities to live in any environment. It can collect food and is ready to fight other animals. The life of animals is not the same as that of humans. They are not conscious, but the player controls will be the factor to change that. Take the animal to every corner of the vast world. Wide map for you to freely explore all the most wonderful lands.

Hybrid Animals mod

Download Hybrid Animals mod – Survive in the vast world

The variety in choosing two different animals allows the player to create breeds in many ways. What outstanding points do you want the character to have, choose a parent that is right for you? Lions, goats, pigs, bears, rhinoceroses … are among the animals currently available in Hybrid Animals. Each combination has a specific result. What traits do you want in your animal, strong, large or anything else? Based on the animals contained here, you should choose it based on your own understanding. Most of the time, these are common animals or at least you have seen them in books. Hybrid Animals also has a type of merger that GameDVA thinks is a bit odd. Humans can combine with the same animal, that’s right you don’t get it wrong.


In order to survive in the world, you need to have enough food and water to meet life on a basic level. Of course, Hybrid Animals will have many other activities to help players get less bored. The map system is considered super wide. Trees, rocks, grass are combined to create ecosystems close to nature. Hybrid Animals offers players a true natural survival mode.

Hybrid Animals mod download

Fight with monsters

Hybrid Animals is not a game to give you a peaceful life. In addition to food worries, you have a number of other threats like monsters. They can be found anywhere on the way. Get ready to fight enemies who can take your life. Only one of them can survive and continue to live. There’s no way back, do whatever skills you think will help you save your life.

Town building

Once stable, players can build their own town. Just like in real life, when we are well-dressed, we will think about houses and cars. It is the same with animals, they need to show the role of a leader. Create a town and develop it with many buildings in the most professional way. It is also a way to create a layer of protection that is good enough for outside dangers.


Hybrid Animals is built on an imaging system with 2D quality. Don’t think it’s fuzzy or doesn’t reflect the details. On the contrary, I found that this graphic quality is well-suited to the gameplay in Hybrid Animals. The developer they have calculated very carefully to help the player get the best experience.

Hybrid Animals mod apk

Hybrid Animals offers exciting survival gameplay that helps players create conditions for the animal to survive. In a natural environment full of danger, you must always be careful. Grow your life and be ready to fight against threats. Download the Hybrid Animals mod, you merge two parents and accompany their children.

How to Download & Install Hybrid Animals MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds) for Android


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