Hunting Clash MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/Easy hunting) 4.4.0

Updated 22/04/2024 (21 hours ago)
NameHunting Clash APK
PublisherTen Square Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit/Easy hunting
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Hunting Clash MOD APK detail?
  • V1: MENU MOD
  1. One hit kill
  • V2: Vision doesn’t waver.
  • V3 Menu
  • One hit kill
  • Vision doesn’t move

Introduce MOD APK Hunting Clash

Hunting Clash is a game for you to play as a hunter who is present in all wild forests. Players will use weapons to destroy animals that are living in the forest. They are all wild animals that can even be dangerous to you when you approach them. The beautiful scenery will distract you from time to time because everything is simulated through high-quality graphics. Hunting Clash with hunts conquering the rarest of animals. Do you want to be a traditional hunter or a modern hunter? Each side has its own interesting point. Come to the thrilling chase in famous forests in the world.

Wildlife hunting can be considered a prohibited activity in many places. Hunting Clash lets you enjoy your hobbies easily without having to pay fines or warning from the police. Montana, Kamchatka, Namibia and more are among the places where you and other hunters are present. There are not too many animals, you need to know how to grab the opportunity to kill the fastest. Hunting Clash lets you go hunting in natural environments. Unlike battles in Epic Battle Simulator 2, or you can also experience the softer gameplay in Funky Bay.

Hunting Clash mod

Mod version Hunting Clash

  • Have a loyal friend by your side
  • Enjoy great rewards when hunting with dogs
  • Upgrade skills for dogs

Download Hunting Clash mod – Wild animal hunting trip

Each passing day is a different task for players who have many opportunities to destroy animals. Most of them are familiar or you’ve heard it on TV, in magazines or seen first-hand at the zoo. Lions, deer, bears, wolves and many other animals are your targets. The characteristics of each animal are different, so the player must ensure high accuracy when attacking. Suppose, in the case of a missed shot, the animal you are aiming for may panic and run away, causing the player to lose the target. The gun you are using is a sniper type so the accuracy is almost absolute.

Hunting Clash mod apk

Complete the challenge

Hunting Clash is not only hunting animals in the jungle, but Hunting Clash has missions with many different requirements for players. You can conquer animals by hitting the head instead of another location. A hunter’s skills need to be proven, let’s show it. There is always a way to kill any animal with just one bullet. Find the perils of your target and kill them instantly.

Hunting Clash mod download

Choose a weapon

There are 2 types of weapons for players to choose from guns or bows. If you want the feel of a traditional hunter to use a bow and arrow. In fact, most hunters use guns because it has many advantages. However, if you are confident in your own abilities, then using a bow and arrow is fine. Everyone wants their beast to be defeated, which weapon you use is not too important.

Compete with other hunters

The forest doesn’t belong to you. There are many other hunters are also here, be the best hunter with overwhelming booty. Hunting Clash inherently made it difficult for players to move animals. Other hunters showed up making the hunting trip even more enjoyable. Surely no one wants to be an incompetent hunter. All-day hunting is nothing but consuming too much ammo.

Hunting Clash mod android

Hunting Clash opens up hunting in many locations in the US, Russia, Africa in the vast forests. Many wild animals for you to explore. If you don’t destroy them, you could be a delicious meal when you lose your guard. The game allows you to freely destroy as many animals as you want. Download Hunting Clash mod, choose a weapon and go to the wild woods with huge animals.

How to Download & Install Hunting Clash MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/Easy hunting) for Android


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