Human Electric Company MOD APK (Free Rewards) 1.1

Updated 17/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameHuman Electric Company APK
Publishertatsumaki games
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SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Human Electric Company

Human Electric Company MOD APK (Free Rewards) is where you can experience a unique electricity production process. You will begin generating electricity in an idle but exciting game. Here, you will own a company that generates electricity from your workers. In that sense, what helps you produce electrical energy is not water or wind. Instead, humans will be the force operating manual tools to generate electricity. So, at the company, you will see many people helping you create energy. Get ready to experience the task of running a power generation company with the help of workers.

The workers you hire are the people who help you generate electricity at your company. And they will operate tools like treadmills or bicycles attached to turbines. So the electricity you get will depend on your speed and the number of workers. You need to hire many workers to produce enough electricity for use and business. Besides, buying additional tools for your workers to operate them would be best. To improve productivity, you can also merge workers to have better employees. Start running your own power generation company and build a thriving empire.

Human Electric Company mod

Download Human Electric Company APK mod – Manage an electricity production company with talented workers

You are the person who opened an electricity production company, but people run all activities. These are the workers you hire, and they will operate the tools that generate electrical energy. They are exercise machines, bicycles or even classic hand cranks. Power supplies that collect the electricity generated through the processes are connected to those tools. There will be batteries that need to be charged; if they are complete, you can sell them. So this will be a less modern electricity production process but will bring an exciting experience. Run an energy production company with employees who operate power generation tools.

Human Electric Company apk

Hire employees

Employees will replace automated electricity generation processes with their efforts. And to generate electricity, they will operate the tools you place at your company. Electricity will then be charged into the batteries connected to the wire you connect to the devices. But the number of batteries is a lot, so your employees must be very diligent. Or you can hire new employees to speed up electricity production and battery charging. When the batteries are complete, you can sell them and make money to develop your company. Hire employees to replace electricity production processes in Human Electric Company APK 1.1.

Human Electric Company mod apk

Upgrade production output

You will have employees using labour to operate power generation tools. And they are still doing their job well, so you can rest assured to charge your batteries and make money. However, you aim to create an empire that produces the most electricity in the world. Therefore, you must upgrade human resources and facilities to produce more electricity. Hiring more employees can speed up the pace and frequency of electricity generation. In addition, upgrading tools will help you increase electrical capacity to charge the battery faster. Improve the rate at which electricity is generated at your company with the upgrades you make.

Human Electric Company free

Develop the company into an empire

By uniting employees, you will create more talented people at the company. And they will operate tools that help you produce electricity to charge batteries and gain profits. However, your energy generation rate will not be high at the initial levels. So, it would be best if you tried to make money selling batteries and make upgrades quickly. Then hire many workers and open up new areas to continue producing electricity. That way, you will make more money and can create your energy empire. Grow your power generation company into an empire with your employee management talent.

Human Electric Company android

You will use the money you save to open an electricity production company. That’s where you hire workers instead of buying modern production systems and processes. So you will save a lot of costs and have enjoyable energy production experiences. But to make more money, you need to hire more and more employees and merge employees of the same colour. Furthermore, upgrade your facilities as tools to increase electricity output. You can charge more batteries with high speed and capacity and make greater profits. Download Human Electric Company MOD APK to explore the challenges of running a power generation company.

How to Download & Install Human Electric Company MOD APK (Free Rewards) for Android


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