House of Sin MOD APK (Menu/Free chests, gems) 1.0.18

Updated 21/02/2022 (2 years ago)
NameHouse of Sin APK
PublisherVolcano Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free chests, gems
SupportAndroid 4.4+
House of Sin MOD APK detail?

Menu mod

  • Free Chest
  • Chest Reward (gems)

Introduce MOD APK House of Sin

Have you ever felt that your guilt is always present and waiting to be done? There will be a place for you to express it freely, which is the House of Sin. Travel to the abode of fairies who hold all that you desire. Perform strange quests to get well-deserved rewards. With beautiful fairies, have fun and enjoy beautiful moments. You are the most dangerous person with unpredictable things.

If you do not know, House of Sin is built according to the touch-to-play mechanism. That is, all conversations and actions are performed by your actions. The most outstanding feature is that the images and backgrounds are made in 3D motion and feel like living in that world. The sound is also accurately reproduced to keep up with the movements. Make your gameplay much more attractive than usual.

House of Sin mod

Download House of Sin mod – Enjoy a dream-like life

One day you accidentally find a house that is unlike any place you usually see. This is where the mighty goddesses come from the great Mount Olympus. Discover for yourself the colorful storyline that House of Sin has built. Do the assigned tasks to collect a lot of resources for yourself. Help your goddesses get the most likes to become strong. You don’t need to do much because the likes will automatically increase. Extend your model to make human worships grow. Affirm the authority of beauty and the number one position of the gods.

House of Sin mod free

Discover stories

House of Sin will bring you more than 50 different stories of all genres. You will be participating in captivating dialogues with the goddesses. Help them carry out essential missions to find lost treasures. Help those who are in difficult circumstances to receive many valuable rewards. More specifically, after each completion of a story chapter, you get a piece of the puzzle. These pieces, when thoroughly combined, will form a perfect picture. All depict the beauty of fairies and goddesses of love and beauty. Make your collection fuller.

Conquer the fairies

This is definitely what men want most in their lives. To develop your home, you will need fairies to attract love. This will be the currency that you get to use for different purposes. The higher the level of your fairies, the more beauty will be promoted. Thereby attracting more love from people and earning profits for you. You can unlock new fairies for them to work and make. It is essential to upgrade even these people so that they can keep up with the current progress. Use your capital to upgrade things smartly.

House of Sin mod apk

Discover new places

After fully exploiting the inherent potential in your home, you can expand the area. Three other worlds can be unlocked: Greece, Northern Europe, and the Near East. Each place has its gods and sexy fairies, just like in the stories. Since the cost to open the portal to another world is relatively high, you need to save a bit. Each place has a variety of advantages for you to manage freely. Make empty lands crowded and earn more love. This is how you can take your business to the next level. Dominate the world with what you have.

House of Sin mod android

To build a relationship

If you fall in love with someone, be brave enough to express your thoughts to them. House of Sin will allow you to date, anyone you want. Seduce them with actions and words that are romantic and enchanting. Give them the gifts a woman most desires. Go on outings to increase your attractiveness in their eyes. Only with these ways can you conquer an arrogant goddess. But it would help if you were very patient, or else every opportunity you create will come to a dead end. Sensitivity and intelligence are what bring you to victory in love.

House of Sin mod is a practical choice for busy but still want to find fun. From there, have a more open view of love and immerse in the beautiful feelings it brings.

How to Download & Install House of Sin MOD APK (Menu/Free chests, gems) for Android


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