Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon MOD APK (Unlocked Boosters) 2.7.4

Updated 16/02/2024 (1 week ago)
NameIdle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon APK
PublisherFERA Idle Tycoon & Sim Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Boosters
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon

Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon has material from the theme of environmental protection. You can even respond in the game if you are a fan of cleaning and recycling projects. The problem of marine pollution is a relatively new topic to apply to the scope of competitions. But you can contribute a part to protecting the environment in this game. You will be the owner of a garbage truck driver. There are countless operations and tasks you need to complete correctly. The type of relaxing game with relatively light tasks will give you quite an exciting experience.

Environmental pollution, especially ocean pollution, is quite alarming. A lot of garbage is released indiscriminately into the sea. Are you willing to try to clean them up to save the Earth? It would help if you cleaned trash, plastic bottles, plastic cases, and countless other miscellaneous things. This is also an opportunity for you to dig a lot of valuable things and change your position. Persevere through each game round to soon achieve the goal of saving the planet. The Earth will quickly regain its freshness thanks to your hands!

Idle Ocean Cleaner apk free

Download Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon mod – Rescue the blue sea

Climate change is getting worse and worse. You will be an essential character contributing to changing the environment. You make full use of the trash cans and cleaning trucks to clean everywhere. Too much plastic waste, clothes, and bottles are thrown into the sea, causing the water to get dirty. So let’s have a quick and timely cleaning plan now! The ocean will be back with a fantastic version soon. In addition to garbage collection, this is also an opportunity for you to get rich. Don’t forget the exciting quests that can give you more money. So let’s relax and protect the environment right now!

Idle Ocean Cleaner android

Great action for the Earth

You will start with the character of a garbage truck driver. The first thing to do is collect all the garbage in the sea. You will have to collect a lot of different materials. Plastic, glass, cloth, nylon, or any other solid object can sink to the bottom of the sea. Collect a lot of garbage so that you get the corresponding reward. You will combine with the truck to take this waste to the recycling site. Plastic items like straws and wheels can form other valuable things. You can still dig up a few more valuable resources during garbage collection. Gold is the thing that helps you accumulate the fastest. This is where you save the planet but also get the chance to get rich.

Idle Ocean Cleaner mod apk

Upgrade the character’s role

Not only has the task of collecting garbage very clean, but you also experience many different locations. The character you control also has to manage a fleet of ships to prevent the trash from being thrown out of control. You and a fleet of boats both hold marine debris and protect the animals living below. They are always in danger from things being discharged from the top. Therefore, it is your responsibility to safeguard them as much as possible. Once you’re an ocean explorer, you’re one step closer to becoming a recycling coach. You can build your clean world. The gold and money you accumulate can help buy many better tools. Not only are you an environmentalist, but you are also an extremely wealthy person.

Idle Ocean Cleaner mod

Relax with meaningful action

A very light-paced game that makes you highly comfortable while playing. At Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon, you join in the spirit of protecting the environment. This is a pretty catchy message in a phone game. Your experience saving the planet from pollution will always be as complete as possible. The game does not have ads to make you scream, so you will be very comfortable while playing. In addition to participating in the action game, you still have the option to relax gently with this game. A gorgeous ocean model can make you extremely attracted. Garbage simulation and simple clicks are beautiful. You are the one who contributes to the cleanliness of the Earth.

Idle Ocean Cleaner apk

You play the game but still carry the message of protecting life on Earth. You don’t need to be a hero in a bloody war. You will be great with just the garbage collector character. Your hands will purify the vast ocean everywhere. You are the one who makes a positive change for the environment. Creative control skills are also something to be evaluated in the game. Are you an environment lover and want to protect them? If you completely agree, this is where your mission opens! Download Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon mod to experience the pleasure of loving the environment by immediately cleaning up garbage for the blue sea.

How to Download & Install Idle Ocean Cleaner Eco Tycoon MOD APK (Unlocked Boosters) for Android


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