Hook & Roll MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) 0.6.21

Updated 13/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameHook & Roll APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Hook & Roll

Show off your street gliding skills with a rope and a skateboard in Hook & Roll. You will adventure on familiar roads as a surfer on the boards. But you will not slide usually, but a rope will pull you. It is connected to the helicopter overhead, and you must glide through all the challenges. Cars will be your obstacle when starting your skateboarding journey. Or you will fly over them by stretching the rope and overcoming obstacles. Test your high-speed skateboarding on your way while grabbing the rope connected to the helicopter.

Your skateboarding journey has begun, but you’ll take unique paths. They are highway slides where a lot of lanes pass. And when you start skateboarding, you will have to confront moving obstacles. So your skateboarding journey will become more difficult when you have to be flexible before the challenges. But you can overcome them with another unique ability when using your rope. It will be your tool for sticking to the cars and navigating the skateboard. Start your skateboarding journey on the road and conquer challenges with a strong rope.

Hook Roll android

Download Hook & Roll – Skateboarding on the highways

You will begin your skateboarding quest as you take on new challenging journeys. But you won’t be participating in skateboarding rinks as usual but will want to challenge yourself. The rink’s obstacles are so familiar that you are looking for a new feeling. So you decide to skate outside, and the roads are now your rink. And the vehicles moving on the lanes will become the challenge you need to glide through. You know this is a dangerous challenge because collisions can cause you to fail. So get ready for your skateboarding journey on dangerous roads and challenges ahead.

Hook Roll free

Start skateboarding

Skating is an extreme sport, but many people love it. It can bring many dangers to the player, but with it comes a sense of conquest. So you also want to challenge yourself during skateboarding and succeed after training. But you are still unsatisfied when practicing skateboarding in the rinks with familiar challenges. And you wanted to challenge yourself at new-style skating rinks, so you searched in many places. You’ve finally found your new rink, which will be the way out. So you start the challenge of skateboarding in a new environment with the spirit of experience.

Hook Roll apk

Support rope

You decide to look for new skate courts to test your talents. So you’ve tried in different environments, but there are only roads you haven’t tried. And you decide to start the challenge of skateboarding on the roads with many vehicles. They will be obstacles you have to overcome if you want to conquer the skateboarding mission. So you’ve been practicing your ability to use the rope to support your skateboarding journey. You will use it to snag objects on the road to create a fulcrum to show off your surfing skills. Use your sturdy support rope to perform the most eye-catching skateboarding stunts.

Hook Roll mod apk


The challenge of windsurfing on the roads has begun, and you are still improving yourself. Those are when you have to face moving cars on your board. Or when you use a rope to support yourself through obstacles on the road. It will create a fulcrum for you to glide quickly across the board and keep sliding forward. However, there are roads where you won’t find places to use the rope. So helicopters will then become helpful during your skateboarding. Connect your ropes to the helicopters and prepare to take on the skateboarding challenge.

Hook Roll mod

You’ve found a new rink, and your skateboarding journey has begun. But these rinks will no longer have the familiar challenges you once conquered. And the skating rinks you join will be roads with a lot of transportation. They will be the new challenge in your skateboarding journey on the roads. So to conquer all challenges, you must use the help of a strong rope. You can connect them to anything on the road or those helicopters flying in the sky. Download Hook & Roll mod to conquer highway skateboarding challenges with your lifeline.

How to Download & Install Hook & Roll MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android


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