Home Mansion MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.300.12500

Updated 12/07/2024 (1 week ago)
NameHome Mansion APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Home Mansion

Solve puzzle levels and complete your home renovation missions in Home Mansion MOD APK (Unlimited money). You will become the owner of a large mansion but in a difficult situation. That’s when you transform into Amelia, and she has to run away from endless pursuit. But luckily, she remembered that she owned a mansion and decided to escape here. And you have successfully escaped with Amelia, but the problem of this mansion reappears. This place once had a mysterious past, which is why it was abandoned here. Together with Amelia successfully solve the mystery of the mansion and recreate a new life.

A mansion with a mysterious past that makes people feel fear while living here. However, temporarily living in this place would be best because you are being chased temporarily. This is when you play the role of a single mother who has to run away into the old mansion. And face the dangers of the mansion; you must help her uncover all the mysteries. Then you will discover many puzzles that prevent you from exploring the mansion. So you will have to solve the puzzles of the mansion to help the mother repair the house. Uncover the mysteries that lie within the mansion and rebuild your romantic life.

Home Mansion free

Download Home Mansion APK mod – Build a new romantic life at a mansion

You had to run away with an unfortunate mother into the old abandoned mansion. This place gives fear to anyone who has ever lived, and now you must live here. But you discover the mansion is covered with mysterious and unexplored puzzles. So to start life again, you must destroy them and repair the mansion. Everything is old, and you will be the one to bring a new look when you accompany Amelia. And you can dream of new love after successfully renovating your mansion. Pass puzzle levels and build a new life in a modified mansion.

Home Mansion android

Abandoned mansion

Amelia must flee to her old mansion, her only safe place. But this is a place full of mysteries, and being here makes Amelia feel fear. And the best thing a single mom can do is ask for your help. Because there are many mysteries here, you will be the one to help her solve puzzles and find mysteries. These are all just puzzles, but you find them linked to the mansion. And when you successfully solve the puzzle, you will be eligible to fix the whole thing. Enter the abandoned mansion and begin your puzzle journey to save poor Amelia.

Home Mansion apk

Explore the puzzle levels

You will be the one to help Amelia overcome her fear of the abandoned mansion. This place has never been explored; living here would be a single mother’s obsession. So Amelia needs your help in solving the puzzles of the entire mansion. And you will embark on a journey to match tiles of the same color when participating in mysterious puzzles. They will also link to the entire mansion, and you need to pay attention to the progress of the puzzle. This will help you collect loot to help Amelia build a new life. Start puzzle levels in the old mansion and find items to fix it.

Home Mansion mod apk

Redecorate the mansion

Amelia’s mansion has been abandoned because the mysteries in this house are still unsolved. But she must flee here despite the strange dangers inside. And Amelia was more confident because this house had an intelligent person as a companion. You will be the one to help her solve the mysteries in the house by solving puzzles. Then she can redecorate her mansion to be better than it was in the past. So try to solve as many puzzles as possible to create a better mansion with Amelia. Conquer the challenge of puzzles and collect items to complete the house.

Home Mansion mod

You will begin a quest to explore an abandoned mansion with poor Amelia. She had to run away from pursuit and had no place beside her old mansion. But even though this place has many mysteries, she still chooses to enter it because of your companionship. So you will be the one to help Amelia uncover the mysteries that are puzzle levels. Then you can join her in redecorating the mansion thanks to the items obtained when solving the puzzle. And your progress will help her restore the rhythm of life to the way it was before being chased. Download Home Mansion APK 1.300.12500 to modify the mansion with Amelia after conquering all the puzzles.

How to Download & Install Home Mansion MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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