Hit The Bank MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.8.6

Updated 18/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameHit The Bank APK
PublisherNinja Publishing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Hit The Bank

Become a successful businessman, have a full life with a happy and rich family. This is probably the dream of many people in life. With Hit The Bank, you can temporarily imagine the most beautiful world. Only in-game, of course. You have to try really hard outside the pipe to be successful. However, no one taxed dreams. So feel free to show your new self in this simulation game. Transform into anyone with any identity you can think of.

May have been inspired by life simulation games born before. Like the legendary The Sims, however, Hit The Bank will be a little different. About limiting the characters and worlds you can explore. Now you can’t push your creativity to the limit. But the world that Hit The Bank creates will revolve around the process of becoming a prominent businessman. Showing wealth through his intelligence and wide connections.

Hit The Bank mod mod

Download Hit The Bank mod – Go up from poverty to richness

So how to go from someone who has no job. It is possible to become a successful businessman, owning billions of dollars in his hand. That is the problem that the game Hit The Bank is trying to target. What matters is how you do them. The main task is to do different jobs in the first stage. From staff, service, janitor… any job that can make money. Then save to unlock more different new jobs. In the process, you will be doing business and getting used to a lot of new relationships. Directly affect your future.

Each of your jobs will cost a certain amount of money. But it’s certainly not significant compared to the amount of money you earn later. Every time work creates productivity and efficiency to new levels. You will be considered for multiple positions. Of course, the salary will also be much higher, the advantage to becoming an entrepreneur will be increasingly shortened.

Hit The Bank mod

Lifestyle changes

Depending on the job you are doing, its salary is enough to cover daily living or not. That will sometimes no longer be a worry when you already own a well-paying job. At that time, buying a house, buying a car, and buying luxury clothes will no longer be a difficult thing. You can buy yourself any car you like. Design your own home. Dress up in the most luxurious suits and brands to attend major events. Now you have become a whole new person.

Hit The Bank mod apk

Develop special relationships

When you become a new person. Own a giant mansion, luxury supercar, and full life. It’s time to get yourself a serious relationship. Specifically, maybe a lover, a future wife? That sounds pretty tempting. So what is the first thing to do, which is to find and meet? With Relationship function right next to your home. You can arrange dates with different girls. Join and meet, chat to know more about each person’s personality. Once you have chosen your main goal. That’s when you start a real relationship.

Have a pet and do many activities

Daily life would be quite boring without a pet friend, right? Then this is the time to adopt the animals you love. From bears, dogs, cats… Animals will make your life a little more fun. After hours of hard work, you can take the time to take them for a walk. You should also periodically check your health to get a sense of your condition. Of course, the moments of gathering with friends at exciting parties and meetings are indispensable. Your life has now been upgraded and improved a lot.

Hit The Bank mod free

Hit The Bank though makes others think of business activities mainly. But the game spans a lot of work in everyday life. A place where you can do whatever you like. To be able to feel real life there are many interesting things. And daydreaming won’t change anything until we actually act. Hit The Bank mod is a rare game where you will feel motivated to work and study.

How to Download & Install Hit The Bank MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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