Hills of Steel MOD APK 5.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Updated on 17/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameHills of Steel APK
PublisherSuperplus Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Hills of Steel with tank battles in rugged terrain. Players drive tanks into the enemy’s battlefield and destroy them. Perhaps the control of tanks is not familiar to some of you. Hills of Steel has many game modes suitable for newbies. Be familiar if you do not want to be laser beams, rockers shoot at you continuously. Tanks exploded to pieces, wheels, drivers, one place at a time. It is the situation of the defeated, you can be so if you get hit by too many bullets. Crossing the hills, traces of concentration will gradually appear. The boring station with the bombs started.

The battlefields have in common that the terrain is not flat. It also affects the accuracy of an attack. When I want to destroy helicopters and airplanes, I often try to let tanks climb steeply to shoot upwards. Of course, there are a number of tanks capable of shooting up that do not need to do so. Forward or backward is the way the tank moves. But the difficulty is that you control the position so that the path of the bullet hits the enemy. You may also face multiple tanks at once, backward to avoid bullets if possible. For Hills of Steel, it’s not always good to rush forward.

Hills of Steel mod

Download Hills of Steel MOD – Battle of the tanks

Tanks are not the hardest in Hills of Steel. New bombers, laser projection UFOs are the enemies that killed me a lot while playing this game. They always stick to the target until destroyed, do not let too much damage because you are only revived once. The pears help restore health. If you find it on the road, pick it up, and use it as needed. Enemy tanks are relatively diverse in weapons, so not all have the same approach.

Terrain fighting gameplay

Hills of Steel builds the right battle with the function of the tank. All types of hilly terrain are included in the game. There are 5 game modes, 1 player, 2 players, challenge, adventure, and classic. Choose adventure if you want to have a battle according to level, where the difficulty will change rapidly. Do not allow your tank to capsize, then enemies will press and attack. Pathetic outcomes will follow.

Hills of Steel mod download

Map of many battle locations

Hills of Steel has many maps for players to explore such as Midsummer Siege, Winter War, Desert Assault, … But instead of being selected for free, players need to use coins or gems to unlock. Each map also has priority on the number of rewards received when completing the game screen. Boss Rush is a place to get more coins while the battle is over.

Tanks and upgrades

Cobra is a tank attached to the newbie of Hills of Steel. Please change the large tanks and the ability to fight more powerful. Click the arrow on the right to see many new interesting tank models. Titan, Phoenix, Ballista, Reaper, Barracuda, … I personally like the Scorpion the most, in addition to shooting it, there is one that can be operated. It looks a lot like a crab.

In terms of upgrades, each tank is usually 9 or 10 levels. You need coins to upgrade after you’ve bought a tank. In addition, Booster is retrofitted to tanks outside the main battle system. There will usually be 7 Booster for each tank model, but you are only allowed to bring 1 Booster when fighting. There are 3 options for changing tanks with new Outfits. With the version MOD of Hills of Steel, the amount available is enough for you to own everything of the game.

Hills of Steel mod apk

Hills of Steel battle your and the enemy tanks and many modern weapons. Not only does the power of conventional tanks, but people also face many new weapons. Grenades, lasers, flying bombs, many potentially destructive things make tanks explode quickly. Download the Hills of Steel MOD of difficult terrain types and enemies are waiting for you to come.

Download Hills of Steel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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