Hero Squad! MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 24.0.2

Updated 02/06/2024 (2 months ago)
NameHero Squad! APK
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Hero Squad!

When monsters, Hero Squad! MOD APK (Dumb enemy) invade the world! Send a team of superheroes who can protect the earth. Use specialized weapons without fear of anything. Face off against armies of bad guys that appear from many parts of the city. Summon a mighty army. Your job is to fight hard and destroy the evil characters. Hero Squad! will make you a professional agent with exceptional commando skills. Combine your abilities and flexible hand movements to defeat the invading army easily.

Hero Squad! APK mod is an action 3D game that brings realistic scenes. Shooting gameplay is simple but still very attractive. Creates a feeling of relaxation after stressful times. With a treasure trove of quests, you must complete all the challenges. Requires players to complete it meticulously and diligently. Quick reflexes against besieged objects, escaping enemy attacks. When you destroy all the bad guys surrounding you, you can win. This army of red and white stickmen is very crowded. When agents have a high level, the attack power and range of the weapon will also be more accurate.

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Download Hero Squad! mod – join the task force to destroy the bad guys who invade the earth

You are one of the bravest commandos in the task force. In the face of the terror of criminal organizations, you must participate in the team’s campaign. That is to destroy and destroy their base. In the process, you need to move around the whole city. This helps you find the enemy and collect gold coins for use. Use your weapons to bombard the enemies in front of you. Aim at the enemy, and your gun will automatically shoot in that direction so you can kill more efficiently. Put an end to the series of days of being invaded by city terrorists.

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Six different weapons

Hero Squad! APK 24.0.2 also grants up to 6 different weapons to change when participating in various battles. Shockbow fires an electric arrow that stuns enemies. Akimbo held a gun and aimed at the enemy. The Shotgun creates a cone-shaped explosion with an extensive range. There are also grenades thrown at the enemy to be able to attack enemies hiding behind obstacles. Besides, there are snipers from afar and hammers to hit the ground to create earthquakes. When you collect enough money, you can unlock those weapons. The attacking ability of the guns also varies by type.

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Upgrade agent

With a wealth of different agents, Hero Squad! MOD APK Allowing you to choose whatever agent you want. Each character will carry other weapons, fighting abilities, and strategies. Once you have that agent, you can gradually increase your agent’s level. You can level up your agent when you collect enough arrows and the required skills. With better manipulations, the faster your agent will level up. In addition, you can also earn gold coins from the enemies you have killed and use them to upgrade weapons.

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Build a mighty army

After summoning heroic armies, you can build your army. With Hero Squad!, the agents are all heroes with many unique skills. Quickly get a set of different heroes you can change whenever you want. The mission’s location is also different, so choosing a commando has features that suit your strategy. Participate in daily events or special events to collect more unique items. Ensure your commandos will not run out of health, or the agent will lose.

Hero Squad! Gives you a new feeling and opens up exciting adventures. Go through all the halls and areas to collect the most gold coins. Your job is to destroy an army of hundreds of evil soldiers. Three stars are the maximum number that you can get after each battle. In addition, you can run to the helicopter to save your imprisoned teammates and escape the battlefield. The more characters you kill, the more gold coins will be produced. Collect as many new weapons to enrich your collection. Download Hero Squad! Mod to be able to join the special forces army and become the strongest hero on the battlefield.

How to Download & Install Hero Squad! MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android


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