Dragon Island MOD APK 1.11.1 (High capacity)

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NameDragon Island APK
MOD FeaturesHigh capacity
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Perhaps you are too familiar with games such as fun farm, garden in the clouds… If the job of planting trees and raising animals is too dull for you. Don’t worry and come to Dragon Island, the world of dragons. Here, you will be a hardworking farmer. The primary job of a farmer is to plant and harvest crops. Then use them to build supply chains for your animals. Here, a unique feature is that those beasts are dragons that push hidden power. Enter the magical world of Dragon Island to try this new challenge.

The dream of raising dragons has never been so easy with the help of Dragon Island. A magical, magical world is waiting for you to join. The plot tells about the owners of magical islands. They contain special powers that attract dragons to them. Your task is to take care of the island, expand the territory, and discover other hidden magical islands. Each branch has hidden thrilling stories waiting for you to uncover and uncover them. Indeed every time you find a new secret thing will be a great joy.
Dragon Island apk free

Download Dragon Island mod – Take care of your dragons

In the magical world of Dragon Island, many adventures will take place every day. Raise powerful dragons and reveal the exciting and mysterious things waiting for you. You will be provided with a particular resource to familiarize yourself with when you first get started. This will be the capital for you to continue to grow on your journey. At the same time, these resources are significant in supplying dragons. Or they will contribute to the discovery of new islands.

Dragon Island mod

Powerful alpha dragons

The world of Dragon Island has a lot and a variety of different dragons. They are the core foundation of building the magic of this magical world. However, in the beginning, they are just cute little dragons and have no fighting power. Instead, the dragon trainer will grow and evolve into big and powerful dragons when given enough food and attention. These companions are vitally important and will follow you on this adventure.

Dragon Island mod free

Talented Dragon Trainer

Similar to a farmer, a dragon trainer has equally hard work. You will have to calculate and reasonably balance the resources. At the same time, cultivate and harvest to make food for hungry dragons. Each island will provide a different type of resource for you to use. This is the most crucial currency to build and develop your world. You can sit back and relax in your spare time and fish for fish. The rewards they bring are rich, varied, and unpredictable. Try to optimize economic resources to develop the island most fully.

Dragon Island apk

Unequal battles

Life on Dragon Island is not as peaceful as you think. Invaders have always coveted the incredible power of dragons. Therefore, they do not stop coming to attack to get the spoils. But don’t worry because you won’t be alone in this battle. It’s time for your big, mature, and strong dragons to show their abilities. With great power that cannot be subdued, they are always waiting for your command and ready to attack at any time. The talents of both humans and dragons will combine to create an unstoppable alliance. It all depends on your fighting mindset.

Dragon Island mod apk

Simple, relaxing game

Dragon Island is designed to fit everyone’s entertainment needs. No matter what job you do, what your hobbies are. Dragon Island can meet your basic needs. The gameplay is easy to get used to, the pacing is light, and the time limit is not the game’s strength. Therefore, there is no need for agile hand manipulation or mastery skills to participate in this game. You need a simple operation to swipe and command the characters as you like. In addition, offline mode will help you easily entertain anywhere.

Suppose you are a player who loves cute and powerful dragons. Download now the Dragon Island mod to join the exciting adventure. However, built with simple 3D graphics. In return, colorful and harmonious colors and funny sounds are the particular points that make it suitable for your entertainment needs. What are you waiting for without experiencing this magical world of colors for yourself?

Download Dragon Island MOD APK (High capacity) for Android

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