Grow Spaceship VIP MOD APK 5.7.0 (Menu, Unlimited money/tickets)

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NameGrow Spaceship VIP APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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In the future, humans will master modern technologies and fly into space. But right now, you can still do this when you come to Grow Spaceship VIP. Choose the most potent fighters with complete weapons. Defeat all the threats surrounding the homeland you were born in. Protect and bring peace to the inhabitants of the vast galaxy. Only you can be strong enough to perform these complex tasks.

If you know the classic shooting games, you will indeed find Grow Spaceship VIP not too strange. But it will add an idle element to the gameplay mechanics as an improvement. Make your combat simple and can be done anywhere. The pixelated 2D graphics will also make you feel more nostalgic for the times when it was ubiquitous. Play and feel the excitement it can bring to you.

Grow Spaceship VIP mod

Download Grow Spaceship VIP mod – Fly in space and destroy enemies.

As a talented pilot, you have the task of stopping the enemy’s attack. This is a rather difficult task because they will invade outer space. Let’s control your plane to destroy the enemy to get the necessary resources. Then use it to buy new airplanes and combine them. Upgrade your vehicle to become more powerful with advanced abilities. Ready to go further and face even stronger opponents. You can leave the auto-battle mode to let the plane automatically do its necessary tasks. Make sure the progress of the game is maintained continuously and as long as possible.

Grow Spaceship VIP mod free

Many new types of spaceships

Every time you meet a stronger opponent, you need to upgrade your spaceship to fight them fairly. Just merge two similar spaceships to get a random high-level ship. There are many different types and colors you can own. Each spacecraft has its particular attack pattern to create an advantage over the opponent. You can use the money you earn to speed up the upgrade process. Buy the spaceships you need for your next promotion. The battlefield will be a place for you to discover your extraordinary abilities. The future technology potential is limitless.

Upgrade accessories

To support firepower, you need accessories such as powerful laser guns. They will deal damage continuously, making it easier for you to kill opponents. It can also destroy enemy projectile beams to protect ships from damage. Don’t rely too much on the firepower of the plane you’re flying. Set aside a fair amount of money to buy these guns. The more expensive it is, the greater its damage and range of influence will be. Moreover, you can use many different laser guns at the same time to maximize damage. Become invincible in this galaxy.

Grow Spaceship VIP mod android

Use skills

Each spaceship will give you a few special skills to increase your advantage. These skills will usually deal more damage to firepower. Not only that, but it can also increase the size of the bullets you shoot. Some aircraft can create shields to block the opponent’s terrible damage. You can activate these skills anytime you want, and you can even let it use itself during a shutdown to collect resources automatically. Take advantage of everything to accelerate your advancement higher. You will win all the most complicated challenges.

Grow Spaceship VIP mod apk

Confront the bosses

When the enemy minions are too useless, bosses will appear to solve the problem. You will encounter them at the end of each flight journey to decide your fate. They take the form of giant spaceships with tons of destructive weapons. Creates dense laser beams with severe damage. Can wipe everything around if accidentally touched it. You need to control smartly to dodge this source of damage skillfully. Keep yourself safe and survive these cosmic threats. But if you have faith and ability, you can defeat them.

Download Grow Spaceship VIP mod and immerse yourself in the most extraordinary space war in history. Make enemies fear when they hear your name and consider when they want to invade new territory.

Download Grow Spaceship VIP MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/tickets) for Android

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