Supernatural Sweethearts MOD APK (Free Premium choices) 1.0.0

Updated 07/10/2021 (2 years ago)
NameSupernatural Sweethearts APK
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Supernatural Sweethearts MOD APK

Demons are disgusting creatures that specialize in harming humans. To fight these demons we need people with the necessary qualifications. Do not be afraid of their ferocity and strength. Fighting them must be broken to pieces in order to bring peace to mankind. Do you love such fantasy supernatural stories? Let Supernatural Sweethearts bring you new and different experiences like never before.

You are a male student curious about many things around yourself. One day you accidentally find a strange piece of paper on the wall and decide to take it down. As a result, you let the war with the demons unfold. This is a game format for people who are bored with reading. Full-text pages make you feel bored and want something more. A more real and intelligent feeling will be involved in it. Supernatural Sweethearts will fulfill all of your needs. With graphics with drawing style from the popular 2D anime movies. Extremely beautiful and cute characters created for you. Give you an adventure full of fun.

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Download Supernatural Sweethearts mod – Engage in the fight against demons

Enter the world of the Supernatural Sweethearts and you will be living the life of a male student. Your school is in danger of being attacked by dark forces. Now you and the beautiful girls will have to fight the demons to protect this school. You will be able to interact with the game by choosing the correct dialogue. No need for complicated operations because games are like living books. Feel free to chat with the characters around you. Don’t be afraid of others judging because your opinion is never wrong. You are the character of the story and you are in control of the story. A story told by yourself.

Supernatural Sweethearts mod apk

Supernatural girls

Feeling lonely without a woman’s figure? Then get acquainted with the cute girls of Supernatural Sweethearts. They are female warriors from ancient lineages. He has the power to defeat the evil demons. Each of these girls will have different personalities and preferences just like other young girls. You can get to know them freely by talking and fighting with them. They will be your teammates to assist you in destroying and sealing demons. You can even create a relationship with them. Treat her like your real girlfriend and love her to the fullest.

Supernatural Sweethearts mod free

Love with the Oni

Although they come from a demon race, these girls are no different from humans. She is also cute and can act like many other girls. If you love them then it doesn’t matter because they are so kind. Be a decent and courteous person with these girls. If you are rude, they will make them hate you more and more. Especially girls with a slightly hot temper and arrogance. Being polite and romantic can also be done in a variety of ways. If you find the girl very pretty, you can go ahead and kiss her. Or you can say something sweet to please them. Treat them gently and politely.

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Against the devil

By removing the enchantment piece of paper on your school, now the demons have been freed. You must redeem your mistakes by driving them away. Oni girls will stand up to fight with you in this place. Their sources of strength will give you positive support so you can repel them easily. Please coordinate with the girls in a rhythm to destroy them. Become consensual through fiery battles. Defend the school with your supernatural powers. Stand up and protect your friends and loved ones. Bring peace to the beautiful and vast world of people.

Supernatural Sweethearts mod apk free

Decide the outcome

Not only is you a protagonist of this game but you can also do more than that. When making choices in the important dialogue between you and the characters. This makes the stories go in a positive or negative direction. A story with a happy or sad ending is up to you. The game maker only gives the direction and you will be the decision-maker of that direction. Download Supernatural Sweethearts mod to unleash chat with cute and beautiful girls. Make them the cute girlfriend you wanted. Join the fight with evil forces to protect the peace of the loving environment with your friends.

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