Grow MagicMaster MOD APK (Unlimited money, boxes, materials) 1.3.0

Updated 09/12/2023 (1 day ago)
NameGrow MagicMaster APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, boxes, materials
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Grow MagicMaster MOD APK Information

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Gems*
3. Unlimited Boxes*
4. Unlimited Materials*
*Increase when you spent

Note: Abnormal activities will be detected for using gems

Introduce MOD APK Grow MagicMaster

Grow MagicMaster – a fantasy action RPG in a magical world full of mysteries. This place has the parallel existence of humans, monsters, and magic. The interface is depicted by pixel art style. Exuding the fuzzy and mysterious appearance inherent in this fantasy game genre. The plot is relatively similar to other role-playing games. You will play as a heroic warrior who defends his homeland from the ravages of evil demons. The great thing here is that instead of inanimate swords, you can use magic skillfully and skillfully. Dungeons are the residence and residence of dangerous youkai bosses.

The operation in the game takes place in a fairly simple way. The first thing before entering the adventure is to choose the fighting skills that you like. Then walk along the path of the dungeon, Grow MagicMaster will automatically search for opponents for you. Your job is to decide which skill to use first, which skill to use later. With a rich treasure of many different types of heroes. Each of them carries a certain and special combat skill. Along with that is also the variety of monsters. There are monsters that tend to attack quickly or youkai with mid-range attack stats.

Grow MagicMaster mod

Download Grow MagicMaster mod – deal with aggressive monsters in the magical world

As known above, because there are many monsters, each battle also takes place in a different location. A dungeon made of stone with sturdy pillars. This place is covered with a gloomy night. The demons that appear here are black ghosts, mutant youkai,… In the forest edge are often large animals hit by evil people’s witchcraft. When the battle takes place, there is a rectangular bar in the upper corner of the screen. It is divided into two X-shaped swords. They are the symbol of your and enemy’s health column. Yours will be green, and the youkai’s will be red.

Grow MagicMaster mod apk

Skill system

With five main skill systems, including fire system, water system, wind system, lightning system, and magic system. In each of these systems, there is a sequence of skill cards divided into four different levels. For example, in the Hell Fire system, there are four levels such as Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend. Each of these levels is a collection of 4 different cards. Each card thrown will have a unique damage effect. Fireballs continuously shoot at the enemy. Or the water system has a shield card. Using it, a layer of water beer appears to block the spells cast by the enemy. Or the move to create a giant wave that wraps the demon’s legs and engulfs him in the sea.

Grow MagicMaster android

Hero upgrade

Ai needs a process of maturation and strength over time. Grow MagicMaster’s warrior is no exception. To get better and better, you need the help of the player by upgrading the character. Also, depending on the main system of the hero you choose, each time the fixed skill concentration will be increased more. Accompanying equipment such as swords, bracelets, necklaces, costumes, … upgrades also increases the combat stats for the character. Especially in Grow MagicMaster, there is also a magic circle. This circle carries light and color like an electric current at the hero’s feet. They add combat ability or speed.

Grow MagicMaster apk

Accompanying pet

The presence of pets appearing next to heroes is not so new in role-playing games. They accompany heroes to replenish health when needed or increase damage on each attack. And many types of heroes, of course, and there will also be different types of pets. They will be classified as equipment as accompanying clothes. And, of course, it is also possible to upgrade these pet characters. There are cannibals or purple balls with mini legs. It’s up to you whether you bring a pet in each fight. If you want to equip other special skills instead of pets, it also makes sense.

Grow MagicMaster apk free

Spread out below the screen there are also energy potions. Known as the magical world, there are also magic potions here. The blue potion represents damage. Green vial for added accuracy. The red vial is used to restore health. The fight takes place in PvP style at Black Gate. If you attack the youkai, they can also come back to harm you. It’s also a bit difficult to avoid. Instead, choose strong combat skills. Attack hordes of monsters quickly, wiping them out on your way in Grow MagicMaster mod.

How to Download & Install Grow MagicMaster MOD APK (Unlimited money, boxes, materials) for Android


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