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Updated 11/01/2023 (1 year ago)
NameSmithStory II APK
PublisherGlaciwaker Entertainment
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode, onehit/Unlimited mana
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK SmithStory II

In recent times, many online role-playing games appear more and more with not really good quality. If not bad, this can seriously degrade the player’s experience. Not much interested in this genre anymore. But in the midst of countless numbers of those lousy games. There are still prominent highlights creeping around. SmithStory II is one of those bright spots. This is a role-playing game mixed with extremely attractive puzzle elements. As proof of picking up a lump of gold in a mess.

To elaborate, SmithStory II is a continuation of the first season’s huge success. It is still a journey to find the grandfather of an unknown blacksmith. What will be in her way will be monsters, evil dark forces, and more. With the control mechanism, the character moves purposefully. Players will explore many exotic lands together with blacksmiths. Confronted with all dangers on the journey to find your grandfather again.

SmithStory II mod

Download SmithStory II mod – The next story is expanded

Transforming into that female blacksmith, you will control her with the Joystick to move around. Starting at the end of Part I, then we’ll continue our journey. The interface is no stranger to those who have played through part I. It looks not much different from many other role-playing games. All have character interface, information, level. Utilities such as shops, bags, forges… are clearly displayed on the screen in the left corner. If you have not played this game then take some time to get used to them. Or you should always experience Part I to be able to playfully part II without too many questions.

Okay, getting acquainted is done, then let’s start exploring. The map has a fairly large scale including many different lands. You can go anywhere and do the things you love. It is possible to enjoy fighting monsters, but pay close attention to their level and strength. As for those who are serious, it is possible to perform quests. Enjoy the plot comfortably. Do many more interesting interactions and I will talk about them in the next section.

SmithStory II mod apk

The work of a blacksmith

As a talented and skilled blacksmith, it’s not wrong when you are the one who will forge strong equipment yourself. Unlike many other adventurers. When they have to find blacksmiths and spend money to forge weapons. In SmithStory II, you only need materials to be able to forge yourself powerful weapons. From knives, swords, bows, magical staff… With your excellent workmanship, you also have the opportunity to forge many rare weapons, with high power and effects. Sometimes possesses many special stats, ensuring that when equipped with the power, it will skyrocket to new heights.

SmithStory II mod free

Adventure through many lands

If you want to find out your grandfather’s fate, you can’t stay forever in one place. You will have to move continuously through different lands. Meet many characters and chat with them. One of them will give you a few quests. Maybe it’s a story quest or a side quest. But anyway if you have a lot of time then do them for your reward. Along with learning more interesting stories everywhere. Sometimes they will lead to many mysterious clues or extremely attractive hidden quests. Stay positive and communicate with people in different towns and villages.

SmithStory II mod apk free

Become the strongest blacksmith

You are the strongest in your world, does not mean that you are the strongest in the entire game. Out of the world in which you are playing. Those are the worlds of other players. They may have been playing for a long time so there will be a certain amount of knowledge and skill. And so is the way for them to put their names on the charts. Do you want to be part of that ranking? Then fight and gain experience while you can.

Cute and powerful pets

Adventure alone will be very boring and lonely right. Of course not to make gamers too depressed in their journey. SmithStory II also has an interesting pet system. You only need to incubate one egg at a time. Once done, you’ve got a cute companion for yourself. But don’t just follow you. The beasts will increase their strength with effects that will benefit the smith. Makes the trip both fun and safe.

SmithStory II mod mod

Unexpectedly, SmithStory II has reasonably met many expectations of players after experiencing part I. A role-playing game with more elements than you imagine. It’s not just about fighting, it’s about puzzles and pets as well. Unless you feel that there are many shortcomings, give a positive review and comments so that the developer can improve in the future. For now, enjoy SmithStory II in your own way.

How to Download & Install SmithStory II MOD APK (God mode, onehit/Unlimited mana) for Android


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M dee
M dee
1 year ago

Mighty party mod does not allow you to play the journey therefore holding up game progress