Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK (Monsters do not attack) 1.2.1

Updated 26/08/2023 (11 months ago)
NameGranny: Chapter Two APK
MOD FeaturesMonsters do not attack
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two is a game for you to explore the mysterious house with two characters Granny and her husband Grandpa. The game is dedicated to those who are passionate about horror movies. You will play the character trapped in their house, facing many dangers there. The door is password locked and you will have difficulty finding the way out. The dark space of the room brings a dark atmosphere, a feeling of fear. Stay in a room with no escape route and you have to find a way to survive. It is these things that create the attraction of the game, attracting many players who want to discover the mystery. Let’s walk into the room and face what’s going to happen.

At the beginning of the game, there may not be anything to worry about. But when characters Granny and husband Grandpa appear, you will be scared. There are many situations that appear to make you extremely confused, even want to exit the game. Granny character always finds a way to choose when the player is not paying attention and then will catch. So the player cannot ignore it if he does not want to be trapped by her. Start planning, find your way out of that gloomy room.

Granny Chapter Two mod android

Download Granny: Chapter Two mod – A mysterious house with the Granny couple

With only a period of 5 days will you be able to escape that room? Do anything, do whatever you can to survive and escape from that room. Find a way out and make no noise. The noise will cause the other woman to come to you and kill you. Granny: Chapter Two allows the player to experience living in a dangerous house. Can you get over and escape from that house? Find a way quickly and move skillfully to find a safe escape route.

Character system

The character in the game is a Granny woman who lives in a deserted house. Her companion is her husband Grandpa. They will always find ways to harm and take your life. You wake up and don’t know why you were in that room. You discover that there is a shady thing, someone is hunting for you. You must quickly find a way to hide and escape for yourself. Two scary characters will always find you, always setting traps around to make you fall into the trap. You can avoid the woman, control her and find hiding places. Do everything you can to not be in danger and have a safe temporary shelter.

Granny Chapter Two mod

Scary house

You wake up at home and have no idea why you are there. Get up and walk around exploring this place. Realize that I am trapped with no way out in this very house. You see a very spooky image, covering the house is the scary atmosphere. That makes you shiver and have to find a way to escape immediately. Quickly find a way back to not be killed. The house with the appearance of spooky characters will bring you a lot of surprises. Try to find a way to escape from this house without leaving any sound. Because of the sound itself, the sound you make will be a hindrance that puts you in even more danger.

Granny Chapter Two mod download

Control character

On the left side of the screen is the Joystick for you to control the character to move, touch and rotate the screen to adjust the viewing angle. You can touch objects on the screen with your hands. The left side also has a control button for your character to do all the different poses. Move the character to walk, stand, lie, or sit. Granny: Chapter Two provides a controller with many features, giving players the most authentic experience. Characters appear sharp, easy to control in any posture you want.

How to escape from the house

Players need to find the key, the password to be able to open the door to escape. While looking for a way out, you can lose your opponent’s direction by turning on the radio. Doing that will give you time and not be attacked or attacked by them. Items like keys and hammers are hidden in the house that you must find. Find them in every place in the house, from drawers, tables to every corner. Go back to see the basement of the house, the paths around to find the exit.

Granny Chapter Two mod apk

Granny: Chapter Two allows you to experience the horror game of fear but also very engaging. With many game modes from easy to difficult for you to overcome challenges. Try to do everything and don’t let your opponents trap you. Quickly find a way out to give yourself a chance to survive. Distract and control the character intelligently to find a way to escape. Download Granny: Chapter Two mod to discover the mysteries of the wild, cold house.

How to Download & Install Granny: Chapter Two MOD APK (Monsters do not attack) for Android


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