Blade Master MOD APK 0.1.28 (Unlimited money)

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NameBlade Master APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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After every hour of work and studying is stressful and tiring. You feel tired with loads of documents and exercises. You want to relieve stress with a light, fun game to regain the spirit of going to school and working more effectively. Blade Master will help you to handle those problems. The extremely eye-tight cutting element will help you feel a lot more comfortable. So let’s answer the questions behind the appeal of this simple game.

A game with low capacity and extremely simple gameplay. You are a master at using blades to kill your enemies. With dozens of blades rotating around the body to explore mysterious mazes. Destroy the monsters by moving so that the blades pierce your body and cause them to explode. Get the corresponding score from monsters, the more you kill, the higher the score. Demonstrated his skill to quickly destroy the crowd with powerful spinning blades. There are many ways to entertain, including horror elements like the game Death Park, or fun like Bouncemasters.

Blade Master mod

Download Blade Master mod – Monster slaying adventure

Designed as an RPG mini-game with the theme of warriors fighting monsters. Blade Master’s gameplay along with beautiful, unique finishing graphics is extremely addictive. With a very simple movement mechanism. Just need one finger to move your hero with the blades rotating through and destroy the monsters along the way. Each monster carries a certain number of points. Killing them will convert those points into money. Use the money earned through sweeping to upgrade heroes and add new heroes. Continue the journey to fight monsters and bosses.

Thinking the gameplay in such a vicious circle will make players feel extremely bored and bored quickly. But Blade Master doesn’t make those mistakes. By designing a variety of features. The gameplay is simple but still attractive without boring gamers because there are many maps and types of monsters, bosses have extremely powerful features. The difficulty of the game will also increase depending on the type of map. The gameplay also integrates infinite upgrades. This feature gives your warrior unlimited power. You can level up your strength, skills and weapons forever if you have an infinite amount of money.

Blade Master mod apk

Dozens of powerful warriors

Countless characters with separate skill sets are free to choose from to fight. From warriors from hell to fierce burning flames. Lightning uses lightning strikes to attack enemies. The cast of characters in Blade Master is extremely diverse in appearance, strength, and gameplay. You will have to consider carefully to choose the right warrior for each level of play. What to do for this warrior to overcome the enemy boss… Simple gameplay, but to exploit tactics to make the battle work effectively requires a solid and intelligent way of thinking. Practice and learn them carefully because it is the key to helping you win on all fronts.

Blade Master mod apk free

Lots of maps

Blade Master provides players with hundreds of maps with distinct corresponding monsters. You don’t have to go around the map throughout the game to kill the same monsters. Each map gives you a completely different atmosphere. Monsters will also be changed from the map to map. They are extremely diverse in species and physical form. They are dragons that spit fire, scorpions that attack with lightning or even locks that drop money when they are hit. The number of monsters that can not be counted together with their strength and skills will not overlap will make you feel extremely excited and thrilled.

Blade Master mod free

Confront a dangerous enemy

What makes this mini RPG’s special attraction must include the enemies at the bottom of the game screen. They were much larger in size than other monsters. The strength and endurance on a completely different level compared to the lowly monsters. It was extremely difficult to deal with, but the reward for defeating these bosses was significantly higher than its minions. So do not hesitate to challenge the giant bosses, bring rewards and achievements for you.

Blade Master 1

Combining quick and easy, Blade Master is the right choice for lunch break. Simple but extremely entertaining and extremely attractive. Will definitely make you feel much more comfortable and refreshing. Recharge to continue studying and working. Download Blade Master mod to immerse yourself in the screen system and refresh yourself right now!

Download Blade Master MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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