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Updated 19/08/2023 (10 months ago)
NameGrand War APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, medals
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Grand War

It is well known that Napóleon Bonaparte was a prominent politician who laid the foundation for the history of France to be peaceful and independent. Based on his documents and achievements, a game was born. Get inspired by stories. The wars that made Napóleon great are the Grand Wars. Is a war strategy game. The Grand War is a battlefield where countries vie for interests. Fight for your own benefits. As the representative of France, you will master this war, bring glory and independence to the country. True to what history has recorded.

Recapturing the fire of fierce will of the entire French people in general and Napoleon in particular. Fight in fierce battlefields, conflicts are everywhere. Settlement of disputes by taking as many measures as possible. Most of them will be fighting with the enemy, according to the sorting genre. Grand War is the most vividly depicted battle. Each historical landmark was recorded as accurately as possible. Can you regain your freedom for France exactly as Napóleon’s wish?

Grand War apk

Download Grand War mod – European War in chaos

As a representative of the French nation, you are the one directly fighting in the game. Through simulated gameplay from real battles. Take command of your army to participate in those battles. Implement a variety of strategies to achieve victory. Occupy resources and earn money. Performing many beneficial contracts for our side. Gradually came to the end of the war, with the aim of bringing independence and freedom for the country. With the play of moving troops according to your choice. There are many possible scenarios and endings. Caution when making decisions is an area of ​​common need.

In each battle, you play the role of commander controlling and maneuvering your forces. The map is divided into 2 factions of our army and the enemy. You will summon troops from the main base, consuming a certain amount of wood and gold. After summoning the required amount, start moving gradually to the enemy base. Each move a unit takes 1 turn, if all moves are lost, it will not be able to move forward. When encountering the enemy will start fighting. The side of the party that destroys the enemy base will win. Requires a careful strategy and calculation from the player.

Grand War mod

The level is equivalent to the battles

We have more than 50 levels, 50 levels, equivalent to 50 famous battles in Grand War. Again, all levels in the game are based on real battles in history. You can consider them as material to learn more about French history which is also quite interesting. Most of the levels are about the fighting process of the French army. Confronted with the UK, Poland, and countries in Europe. That is why the armies in the enemy country are also very diverse in strength and tactics. You need to be very agile and carefully judge the strengths of those countries. Because it is not easy to win matches with them.

Grand War mod apk

New combat real environment

Not just a simulation of pure wars. The game is also very realistic design of the French army with many types of soldiers and artillery of the 18th century. Each type of army has a different strength, movement speed, and blood. Depending on the strength you will send out the right legion for each battle. Moreover, the player can lower the morale of the enemy. Causes them to be discouraged and reduces the damage they take significantly. Climate temperature will also increase or decrease with terrain, significantly affecting the strength and speed of the army. This is just like a real battle.

Grand War mod apk free

Dominate mainland Europe

Soldiers have produced thanks to the technology of your base. If you can gather more resources. Upgrade bases and unlock more new legions. The French faction would prevail in great power. The battles will become more fierce. Our troops possess many powerful armies and will win. Capture resources and scale increasingly broader strategy. Selection of excellent generals in history. Upgrade and link them together to create an invincible front.

Grand War free

If you are passionate about the history of France, want to discover more interesting things about the French war under Napoleon. Grand War is the number one choice for you to aim for. Possessing historical documents that are not misleading. At the same time, it conveys the will and strong desire for independence of a great politician. Extensive historical documents are making you feel depressed. It’s okay, try now Grand War mod so you can learn history in the most interesting way.

How to Download & Install Grand War MOD APK (Unlimited money, medals) for Android


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