Forge Defence MOD APK 2.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameForge Defence APK
PublisherChallenges Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Forge Defense’s forge is sacred and produces legendary weapons. However, it is in danger of collapsing due to the enemy’s attack. So you have to be the defender and drive away from the invaders. Take advantage of the weapons forged with high durability to use proficiently. Each shot, each sharp arrow will make them all fall to the ground. Cruelty is necessary if you want to win against more vigorous opponents. You will protect all the legacies passed down by previous generations.

Games with Minecraft graphic style are booming based on the appearance of the fun of the same name. Forge Defense is also one of the most famous products in this category. Unleash a story about a mysterious fantasy cube world. Of course, it will also include an element of creative tactics. Your job is to bring all your thoughts to turn them into reality. It also helps us to develop new knowledge every day. Wisdom from there will also be improved easily without any pressure.

Forge Defence mod

Download Forge Defense mod – Defend your smithy from invasion

Your smithy has been passed down from your ancestors with unparalleled technical excellence. But that price is always in the eyes of the monsters of the night. To combat this, you only have one way, and that is to set up a defense. You will complete everything needed during the day to function at night. This is when the most terrible wars will break out and decide survival. Only when you destroy the last enemy can it be considered a victory. Don’t let them have the opportunity to destroy the heritage that you have worked so hard to preserve. Please show them your weapon is always the best choice.

Build defenses

Your defense will include surrounding walls and defensive towers. These walls have the effect of blocking large numbers of enemies and keeping them out. If we upgrade the wall, there will be a change in appearance and durability. Helps you to withstand a large number of enemies trying to attack at the same time. Next is the defensive tower, which can attack monsters at long range. The tower’s firepower will be constant and quickly kill those within its range. The tower leveling also enhances the base firepower much higher. Gives you a chance to defeat more difficult attacks later.

Forge Defence mod free

Set traps and use supports

To make the defense more effective, it is possible to use the set traps. Traps have the effect of stopping enemies or even destroying them. Surprises come in two types: either outcome or deal extredealingamage to enemies. The weakness of traps will be that they can only be used once in a match. In addition to traps, we can also use support skills to increase efficiency. For example, it can help you strengthen the tower for a short time or weaken the enemy. Combining the power of traps and auxiliary skills can optimize the battle power of the smithy. Make it impossible for your opponent to break through your solid wall.

Forge Defence mod apk

Massive Enemies

Do not think that only you have extraordinary things to fight them. Enemies also have exceptional individuals that help them gain an advantage during invasions. For example, it is possible to commit suicide by exploding, using a bow and arrow, or being extremely sturdy. Indeed you will have to improvise before the terrible attack. But if they are strong enough, they will never be afraid that they can attack with the Forge Defense mod.

Download Forge Defence MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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