Merge Love – Inn Story MOD APK (Free shopping) 2.5.6

Updated 17/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMerge Love – Inn Story APK
PublisherC.C.T Games
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Merge Love – Inn Story MOD APK

If an inn is an excellent place to stop, only Merge Love – Inn Story can meet it. It shows you this is not just a place as simple as it seems. It is a place where you can welcome guests of all backgrounds, from the wealthy to those with few living expenses. Visitors are passing by or people who are lost. You will receive them all with your best services. Help them solve problems and get appreciated. Kindness and kindness will help you succeed more quickly.

For those in the business of leisure-related services, they will need an investment strategy. It’s not just about owning a building and letting people in. It also involves several other issues that Merge Love – Inn Story will clarify. You will have to consider how to develop your apartment. from a small place to a very spacious and airy home. Follow the colorful story to experience exciting situations. Where will you go to satisfy your passion for hotel management?

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Download Merge Love – Inn Story mod – Serve customers attentively

After many years of accumulation, you have owned a house at an affordable price. You decide to turn it into an inn for easy profit. Customers start coming in, and you need to serve them daily. From cooking and cleaning to checking, everything is strictly implemented. Finally, when the customer has left, you will get your pay. We will fulfill customer requirements through consolidation. That’s the only way to create the right tools for the situation. Quickly complete the requirements that customers want. That is your true talent to develop.

Upgrades and improvements

Improvement always goes hand in hand with you being able to go further in business. We will not stop solving puzzles to create the conditions for innovation. Moving from a simple inn to a large hotel is difficult. You will have to buy more expensive new furniture and put it in the right places. We will unlock more different rooms in the house. Improve both the exterior to create the perfect beauty. Your hotel, when upgraded, will attract more people. Always remember your choices in Merge Love – Inn Story are never wrong. Only precision and aiming for new advancements.

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Make delicious food

In the hotel’s service, it is indispensable to have meals served by your hands. This can ensure food safety and food quality. It is also because our protagonist is quite confident in his talent. She can cook famous dishes from different cultures. As long as the customer asks for anything, it can be done from the main dishes on the menu to the desserts. All were delicious when the first bite touched the tongue. Combine different ingredients to create a complete word. Conquer all your clients with this exquisite talent.

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Damage repair

In the process of customers using your service, some damage may occur. Fix these things immediately if you want to keep your reputation from something as simple as a leak in the bathroom to a broken dining table. The walls can often experience problems due to various factors. We will take a short time to perfect these better in the Merge Love – Inn Story mod.

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