Gold Hand MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited coins/Glove) 0.2.4

Updated on 26/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameGold Hand APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited coins/Glove
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Decide your fate as the owner of the infinity stones in Gold Hand. You will have limitless power when entering the universe of unique stones. But the decisive thing is whether you can hold them in your hand. Those are infinity stones, and each will represent different types of power. So every time you collect one more stone, the power you get is more and more outstanding. And then you will have to confront greedy enemies who want to get the stones. Fight your enemies as you possess the infinite power of a mighty golden hand.

The world always has magical powers, but not everyone can touch them. But they can exist in a particular form; people call them the infinity stones. They represent many different types of power and can be collected by anyone. And you came into this world to own all those stones for yourself. So you will start your adventure and find them in every corner of the world. But in addition to you, many enemies also follow you in your search. Confront your enemies with the divine power of the infinity stones you possess.

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Download Gold Hand mod – Experience becoming the holder of supreme power

You are an exploration enthusiast and have known the existence of unique stones. They are entities that carry the world’s energy and are looking for their master. So you decide to go on a journey of discovery to collect them all. Those infinity stones will also give you enough strength to fight the enemies ahead. They follow in your discovery footsteps and want to prevent you from achieving your goals. But you will not give up but will persevere in collecting infinity stones. Discover the power of the golden hand as you collect all of the world’s power stones.

Gold Hand android

Infinity stones

The power from the stones caused the greed for the power of some elements to rise. Each has a unique power that the holder can only use. The Reality Stone can tell you what’s happening around you. Or a time stone that allows you to travel to the future or return to the past. They can all be helpful in combat, and you can feel it. But the prerequisite is to collect them before your enemies can find them. Collect the infinity stones and show your enemies who can hold power.

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Hand of strength

You are a power enthusiast, and unique stones have given you this opportunity. They all have different energies and represent many powers. So your quest for strength will be tied to those infinity stones. You will find them all over the world and hold the power to be able to fight. However, the power from the stones can hurt the holder, and you need to be careful. And the golden hand will help you dominate the power of the infinity stones when fighting. Control the golden hand with infinity stones so you can defeat all enemies.

Gold Hand mod

Destroy the enemy

The Infinity Stones have given you infinite power to protect yourself. And you will use them in the fight against the enemies who want to destroy you. They have been looking for you for a long time while you search for the infinity stones to steal them. So you fight to destroy them when completing the golden hand with infinite power. Then you can use the stones’ power to confront the enemy directly. But fighting with a firm hand needs to be trained through battle time. Destroy the enemies confronting you using the golden hand with the infinity stones.

Gold Hand apk

You will have to fight against your enemies when possessing unique stones. They have the world’s great power world, so they are called the infinity stones. So you can control each stone while fighting the advancing enemies. But you will need help from a unique hand to control the infinity stone. With golden hands, you can use their destructive power to destroy enemies. And with the power in your hands, you will resist all dangers without fear of war. Download Gold Hand mod to fight with the infinite power from your golden hand.

Download Gold Hand MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited coins/Glove) for Android

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