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Updated on 17/02/2022 (1 year ago)
NameShadow Knights: Idle RPG APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited everything
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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How does it feel to be able to summon the person you defeated to fight for you? Great and highly convenient. This will happen in Shadow Knights: Idle RPG, a fighting game that doesn’t need much strategy. The journey in Shadow Knights: Idle RPG can hardly be completed in a short time but will be a very long time. Shadow Knights: Idle RPG is a vertical screen game, but it is entirely different from the other reviews. If you have played through many vertical screen games, you may find that they do not have excellent quality. So what makes it different, and why can it attract players so much.

Play as a shadow warrior and spend your life on an adventure that never ends. You will have to meet countless enemies of all races and powers. Once you kill them, you will be able to summon these enemies again. A special feature is that they obey the player’s commands entirely. That’s how you find teammates for fighting within Shadow Knights: Idle RPG. The more you fight, the more formidable opponents you will meet. Will you be able to end your journey in this eternal darkness?

Shadow Knights Idle RPG mod

Download Shadow Knights: Idle RPG mod – Complete the mission with shadow warriors

The shadow warrior you control is someone who comes from nowhere and has no identity. We already know that in battle, he can revive his enemies. This ability follows you until the end of your journey. You will revive enemies anywhere and at any time. Use them as allies and shield against a dense number of enemies. In addition to that ability, the shadow warrior was also interested in increasing his strength. Go through many levels and find resources to upgrade your warrior. Equip him with the most mysterious and terrifying weapons. It is not easy to finish this war.

Shadow Knights Idle RPG mod apk

Skill with Beautiful Effects

The shadow warrior’s skill set was enough to take down any dangerous monster. On one condition, you can upgrade them to the max, which will go a long way. These skills, when used, will create color effects on the position on the screen. Both beautiful and hazardous damage to monsters. Of course, you have to earn a lot of money to unlock new skills. Level up old skills to add impressive attack and defense stats. From the light of doom to the power of darkness, healing, and increased damage… Anything within your grasp appears and is easy to understand.

Shadow Knights Idle RPG mod apk free

Enemies everywhere

There is no denying that Shadow Knights: Idle RPG has a highly long adventure and through many different lands. Each place has many monster races that are master there. Your task is none other than traveling through those places. Search and destroy them directly, from dangerous Goblins, orcs with great power. Familiar beasts and even many races of giant dragons. Kill them and summon the shadow to aid you in your next campaign. Of course, they also have levels and possess certain power thresholds. The higher the level, the more complicated skills there are. Dodge and counterattack if you do not accept defeat.

Shadow Knights Idle RPG mod free

Mysterious Dungeon

This is a place that provides many vital resources to continue your journey. The dungeons are not in the scope of the main adventure. By no means will they interrupt your adventure. On the contrary, it is also very useful with many dungeons. Each type is directed to a particular type of resource. For example, the dungeons for gold coins, diamonds, weapons, artifacts… Surely it would help if you visited here often to get more resources for the battle. Waiting for luck from the battlefield is not reasonable at all. Let’s create our own more tremendous fortune in the dungeon. Just collect resources, gain experience, and combat skills.

Shadow Knights Idle RPG free

Adventure with the shadow warrior to restore peace to many lands. Although our main character is not a hero and does justice, he also does not want evil things to be allowed to exist in this world. Find the opportunity to gain many valuable items through the dungeon. Increase strength to the highest level. Challenge your enemies infinitely and revive them to fight for you. There are many other attractive contents that you will directly experience when downloading Shadow Knights: Idle RPG mod to your smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the monster hunt right away.

Download Shadow Knights: Idle RPG MOD APK (Unlimited everything) for Android

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