Goblin & Princess Idle Miner MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2.1

Updated on 04/02/2023 (11 hours ago)
NameGoblin & Princess Idle Miner APK
PublisherMasso Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Fight in dungeons against goblins and defend the kingdom in Goblin & Princess Idle Miner. The world of princesses remained peaceful until enemies appeared. The elves have entered the world of princesses and begun to fight all. A disaster is approaching, and battles must be fought continuously to protect the kingdom’s peace. You are not a hero when you stand against goblins; that is your responsibility. The domain must be protected, and the princesses must fight the goblins. Summon brave princesses and confront the goblins attacking the kingdom.

The kingdom world has been turned upside down since the country’s goblins appeared. They seem to attack this kingdom and want to capture the noblest girls. But this world is lucky to have you help with the ability to use magic. You can summon princesses and guide them to fight the goblins. The princesses know they are the goblins’ target so they will fight with all their might. They are only weak princesses but will be strengthened by your magical power. So to guide the army of princesses to protect themselves and their kingdom from the elves.

Goblin Princess Idle Miner mod

Download Goblin & Princess Idle Miner mod – Protect the kingdom of princesses from goblins

Elves appeared in the world of the princess and brought danger to everyone. But their target is beautiful princesses, and you don’t want that to happen. You want to protect the kingdom’s safety with magic and have the princess’s support. They will help you stop the goblins outside and give you time to use magic. You will also receive a bonus every time the princess defeats each goblin that comes forward. This bonus helps you research new anti-elves spells and unlock more princesses. Use your magic to support the princesses against evil goblins.

Goblin Princess Idle Miner mod apk

Princess army

Your princess wants to protect this kingdom, and you must help them. You will play a part in this war with your powerful magical ability. The princesses will be supported by supernatural powers and become courageous in front of the elves. The kingdom has many places to enter, and the goblins will attack in that direction. The princesses will rely on your magical power to guard the goblin tunnels. Fighting the goblins out there is a significant disadvantage for the kingdom princess. Use your magic and increase the courage of the princesses to defeat the monsters.

Goblin Princess Idle Miner android

Princess upgrade

The kingdom’s princesses have followed your arrangement and fought bravely against the goblins. They are the people who were always afraid of monsters but have differentiated themselves thanks to your strength. They are ready to guard the tunnels and confront the goblins without fear. But it would be best if you also upgraded the princesses so that they could unlock their fighting power. You can explore each princess and find out their unique abilities when defending. In fighting the goblins, the princesses need you to improve to help them constantly. Fighting the elves is a proud responsibility of the princesses, and it’s up to you to help them level up.

Goblin Princess Idle Miner free

Defensive celebration

Goblins invade the kingdom, and you can accompany the princesses to battle. This is an unprecedented memory for a magician, and you must cherish these memories. You have the opportunity to use your magical talent to conquer the princess of the kingdom. Memories of you fighting with the princess against the goblins will be saved automatically. This helps you bond with the princesses and increases your chances of defeating the goblins. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for you to understand more about the princesses in this kingdom. Fight monsters and preserve memories of defence with precious princesses.

Goblin Princess Idle Miner apk

Goblins have invaded the kingdom of magic, and you must go out and fight. But you gain mysterious magical powers and decide to help this kingdom. You use your magic to summon the princesses to fight the goblins in the tunnel. Thanks to your supernatural support, the princesses have become strong and resilient to protect the kingdom. The princess’s army bravely stepped out and fought against the invading goblins. But they also need you to upgrade and assist in combat to create a memorabilia of goblin defence. Download Goblin & Princess Idle Miner mod to assemble a squad of princesses to fight for the kingdom.

Download Goblin & Princess Idle Miner MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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