GO Keyboard MOD APK (Prime unlocked) 4.11

Updated 26/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameGO Keyboard APK
PublisherVideo Editor & Video Maker Dev
MOD FeaturesPrime unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK GO Keyboard

The keyboard is an essential thing for us to type on the phone. GO Keyboard will turn your monotonous keyboard into a much better version. Use exclusively for keyboard decoration and typing effects. GO Keyboard has all the themes you need and turns your virtual keyboard into something beautiful. No need to design much for lost time. Just a few buttons to activate them and change them immediately. This is the perfect app for you if you want your smartphone to be a little more colourful and vibrant.

The diversity of themes and effects is GO Keyboard’s most vital point. It doesn’t change how you type. What it changes is only the appearance of the virtual keyboards. You’re probably fed up with having to see the only version of them. A one-colour keyboard without any accent. Maybe it suits someone who likes simplicity, but you don’t. We love color and, above all, stay true to our subject matter. Then why not try GO Keyboard and choose from a wide range of keyboard models.

GO Keyboard mod

Download GO Keyboard mod – Various beautiful keyboard designs

To own a beautiful keyboard, we must first know if it works well or not. The keyboard from GO Keyboard supports 60 separate languages. Maybe that’s more than enough for you to use evenly. The keyboard from GO Keyboard can also change the typing rules. So it will be easy for many people to learn many different ways of typing. So we have made sure GO Keyboard has all the features of a standard smartphone keyboard. Now is the crucial part of the whole process. Now you can choose the keyboard styles you like the most. This factor affects the appearance of the keyboard and the associated typing effects.

GO Keyboard mod apk

Wide range of keyboard themes

10000 themes is the number given by the developer of GO Keyboard. That is a huge number, and there is a high chance it is not untrue. Just surfing inside the interface of GO Keyboard is enough for you to believe this. Their number of themes is so great that you cannot try them all. Just choose the topics you like. Each theme changes the color and texture of the keyboard. Just enough to make you feel impressed. But it does not affect the letters, making it difficult to see when typing.

GO Keyboard mod apk free

Free emoticon pack

More than 800 emoji packs inside GO Keyboard are enough to satisfy you? Definitely yes, because their themes are just as varied as keyboards. These symbols can be set on any key of the keyboard. Or, more versatile, we will type the characters needed to make an emoji appear. It all comes from old icons on social networks in the past. So they are all beautiful and recognizable memories. Added to this are quite a few witty new emojis.

GO Keyboard mod free

Suggestions for correcting words when typing

With a fast typing speed, there will be times when you misspell. So GO Keyboard has one more function to assist you. For example, when you write a misspelt word, the top corner of the keyboard will show possible keywords. It may contain the word you are trying to type. You need to click on the word to correct the word you mistyped. Or another way is to correct spelling automatically. If you misspell and press the space button, the word will be automatically corrected. It will work in many cases, so don’t ignore it.

GO Keyboard free

Freely adapt your keyboard to many new looks. Show your personality and have fun with different topics. GO Keyboard mod is a keyboard editing application with a large scale and is easy to use.

How to Download & Install GO Keyboard MOD APK (Prime unlocked) for Android


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