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Updated 14/04/2024 (6 days ago)
NameGesture Lock Screen APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture Lock Screen MOD APK is an application that allows users to change the modern security style, creating highlights for the lock screen with interesting operations. Using a password or fingerprint to unlock are familiar security methods for all Android devices. They still provide good security but are a bit monotonous and boring. However, with the appearance of Gesture Lock Screen, these methods will be replaced by more interesting actions. Individuals will be able to unlock their devices using a series of unique hand gestures.

Gesture Lock Screen users will also experience many advanced features in addition to impressive security capabilities. It simplifies user operations with the lock screen to save more time. Now, users can easily lock the screen without having to press the physical power key. Just access the application and choose the most suitable and convenient way to lock the screen, and users will reduce a lot of effort when turning off the screen.

Gesture Lock Screen mod

Download Gesture Lock Screen MOD APK – Improve security and refresh the device unlocking style

Gesture Lock Screen has brought a new and attractive unlocking style. Creating excitement every time the user unlocks the screen while still ensuring the highest level of security. While alphanumeric passwords can be accidentally spied on, users’ hand gestures cannot be imitated. No need to think of too many fancy methods to improve smartphone security anymore. Users just need to create strange and different drawings and the device suddenly becomes impenetrable. In addition, to add uniformity to the lock screen and gesture password, Gesture Lock Screen also provides a diverse collection of wallpapers for users to experience and enjoy creating their own unique unlock drawings.

Gesture Lock Screen mod apk

Set up screen unlock with gestures

No more unlocking with password or fingerprint, Gesture Lock Screen users can use their own gestures to unlock the device. It can be any drawing of numbers, symbols, words or the user’s personal signature, anything can become the user’s way of unlocking. For example, users can set a star as a password by drawing the pattern they want when setting up the gesture. After that, the user will successfully unlock the screen by repeating the same star drawing operation previously set up. Thus, each user will have their own gesture to unlock and these drawings can completely adjust their color and density according to each person’s preferences.

Gesture Lock Screen mod android

Send alerts and take photos of intruders

Security features of Gesture Lock Screen will definitely blow away the users’ minds if it can detect unauthorized attempt and even snap pictures of intruding objects. The system will quickly notice and alert both the user and the intruder whenever they enter an incorrect gesture or pin code for the third time. The system shall show this message to discourage the intruder from trying to access the targeted device, and also provide evidence by taking photos. This can be achieved by connecting to devices like tablets and desktop computers which people frequently use also. Then Gesture Lock Screen MOD APK will always ensure to inform a user whenever suspicious things happen on the phone.

Gesture Lock Screen mod android free

Many styles of notifications display on the lock screen

Now, for their gesture lock screen users are offered to enjoy some new notification styles, if they get bored for their default one. Gesture Lock Screen is more than a mere notification; it enables users to show whatever content on the lock screen. Users are allowed to read messages, see missed call logs, set alarms and listen on music player without pressing the screen lock key. Users can as well alter the presentation aspect of notices and make the materials of delicate alerts unseen. It assists users for notification through a creative attractive and unique method.

Individuals will be free to develop their creativity with the gesture setup process. Now Gesture Lock Screen MOD APK users just need to draw the image they want to unlock the device. Let’s start creating your own password today.

How to Download & Install Gesture Lock Screen MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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