Genesic Re:CODE MOD APK 1.0.14 (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier)

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NameGenesic Re:CODE APK
PublisherHakuhodo DY media partners Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Based on the famous Code Geass anime series universe, Genesic Re:CODE is a mobile game product created to serve fans of this cult series. Return to the world where the holy Britannia empire reigns. Accompanying the protagonist in unraveling world history. The world seemed peaceful, but it was destroyed by someone’s hand. Genesic Re:CODE is a fantastic sequel so that everyone can see the confrontation between Zero and Lelouch again. The main character will fight to protect the Earth with his teammates with all the current strength. Side by side with them is you – the player.

Genesic Re:CODE is created from the world in Code Geass according to the original. Fans of this anime title can again immerse themselves in the incredible world of magic. Strange creatures and the most epic battles. Based on the evolving scientific landscape, machines are everywhere. You will fight with the main character with many modern machines. Use tactics and create the proper form from teammates. Cross the brutal battlefield to reach the ultimate goal.

Genesic ReCODE mod

Download Genesic Re:CODE mod – Continuing the fascinating story between good and evil

Everything in Genesic Re:CODE started with a girl named AI. She woke up in the most tumultuous time of the world and the empire alone. However, AI ​​has no memory of itself or the world. She then meets an unidentified character named GiGi. Claiming to be an observer of something called “Phase Transition Geass.” Accompanying GiGi, the AI ​​wants to restore the world with its secret abilities and powers. But it’s not that simple. To accomplish this mission, they must surely go through many difficulties. Confront many different enemies. Observe stories beyond space and time.

The gameplay of Genesic Re:CODE is based on turn-based battles. You will arrange a squad consisting of different characters to fight. During the war, each player will turn to use skills and attack. Combining hundreds of other skills, equipment, and effects will make the matches even more complicated. That is the main attraction of turn-based fighting games. Your task is to calculate in moves to gain an advantage, ultimately defeat your opponent and win.

Genesic ReCODE mod apk

The Sanctuary that Begins Everything

You will be transported to a place that can be considered a mecca and the place where it all started. Each area here has separate functions for the development of players later. From the warrior summon area to fight in your squad. Research facility to upgrade the power as well as comprehensively equip the characters. The battlefield is dedicated to the story mode and where you will have to fight first. The store offers everything you need. You have a wide variety of resources and currencies to trade and provide for combat and upgrades. This will be a very long journey that requires perseverance.

Genesic ReCODE mod apk free

Outstanding plot

The most exciting thing that makes Genesic Re:CODE is the plot element. Developed based on the sequel to the Code Geass anime series. The game’s content revolves around the next part of the journey to protect the world of warriors. The appearance of the AI ​​protagonist may not be heralded in any other product. In other words, you can also consider this as a side story of Code Geass. Here you will also meet new characters with distinct personalities. There are supporting characters that only partially contribute to the plot. But there will also be critical characters who play an essential role in the story’s direction. They will also fight alongside you.

Genesic ReCODE mod free

Attractive combat mechanics

One of the points that make players love and feel extremely attractive is the gameplay mechanism. As is known, players will need to form a squad consisting of many different characters. Each battle is a confrontation between your faction and multiple lines of villains. Each character brings unique skills that diversify the gameplay when combining many people. Many times, you will have to grasp the enemy’s weak points. Simultaneously launching skills and using appropriate equipment can win. Coordination among team members is also an important factor. When combining skills, the winning rate will be even higher.

Genesic ReCODE free

Genesic Re:CODE mod is both a tactical game and a work for players to enjoy and feel many profound messages. There’s so much you can discover inside Genesic Re:CODE that I can’t cover it all in an article like this. How the world is built will be entirely up to you. Your abilities will determine how far you and the protagonist can go in this chaotic world.

Download Genesic Re:CODE MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) for Android

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