Cyber War: Idle Defense heroes MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit/Max VIP) 3.0.6

Updated 31/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameCyber War: Idle Defense heroes APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Onehit/Max VIP
SupportAndroid 4.4 +
Get it onGoogle Play
Cyber War: Idle Defense heroes MOD APK detail?

– [ Player Menu ] –

  • -> Godmode
  • -> One Shot Kill
  • -> Rapid Fire
  • -> Max Range
  • -> No Skill CD

– [ Account Menu ] –

  • -> Hero Level Up
  • -> Free XP Level Up
  • -> Free Gold Level Up
  • -> Market Place
  • -> Free Market Place
  • -> No Buy Limit
  • -> Amount Of Items To Give
  • -> Account Profile
  • -> Max VIP (After Enabled Press User Icon (Top Left) Then Close Icon Then You Just Be Max VIP)
  • -> Unlimited VIP Claim

Introduce MOD APK Cyber War: Idle Defense heroes

Games about zombies are always something that makes players feel interesting and attractive, right? Imagine you are living in a catastrophic war. You are surrounded by invaders. Those invaders are aliens, carrying a terrible power. So what will you have to do? Do you want to try that feeling? If yes, come to Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes. Representing humanity, fighting bravely for glory. Engage in non-stop battles. Representing humanity ready to resist the hostile forces of darkness.

Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes simulate battles between zombies and humans in the distant future. These battles have never been so brutal. And it can cause the entire humanity to fall into extremely terrible disasters. Even if the humans won, the damage caused by the battle was still terrible. This game is built according to the battle and defense motif. Eliminate invaders, and kill zombies. At the same time, players need to keep their bases safe. Rise up against the enemy, and bring peace to the whole world, players need to come up with a clear strategy. And more than that, fighting non-stop to shorten the distance to peace.

Cyber War Idle Defense heroes mod

Download Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes mod to become a superhero to protect the earth

When the alien zombies began to flood the Earth. They sweep away all living things. Suppressing people, killing for the purpose of taking over this green planet. They sent their troops to attack like a storm. As a citizen, seeing this grievance happening, players of Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes cannot stand by and watch this happen. Summon heroes, great heroes, to fight the enemy together. Build yourself a mighty legendary army. Come up with your own strategy for your army. Through hundreds of thousands of battles, will your army survive until this final battle for survival?

Cyber War Idle Defense heroes apk

Bring a future perspective

Surely everyone has heard the phrase doomsday at least once or twice in their life. But surely no one has witnessed that. Therefore, the producer of the game Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes has drawn up a future plot. It was the end of the world in 2498. The day when the Earth had just experienced a catastrophic war lasting nearly a century by evil invaders. They cause chaos in the world. Appears in every nook and cranny. Blatantly looting wealth, bullying good people, and even creating bizarre creatures that put people in danger. The player assumes the role of a hero who destroys waves of enemies, protecting people, and the planet.

Cyber War Idle Defense heroes mod apk

Heavy Weapon Improvement

Courage is not enough. Players need to improve their powerful weapons and re-train their inherent skills. You need to equip weapons that match the general structure. Heavy weapons combined with magic gears will make your army extremely powerful. Improve your skills through the smooth integration of strategic elements. At the same time, players need to collect more weapons and rare heroes. After improving the weapon, the speed and power will increase significantly. Players will easily regain the advantage of the battle. Install a gun that fires a series of bright lightning bolts, making the zombies unable to react.

Cyber War Idle Defense heroes android

Impressive mission

Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes offers countless daily epic quests that are extremely attractive. An impressive range of missions is offered. Followed by many attractive gifts. Raise players’ achievements, raise gold coins, and more, players also get free gems. Each mission is on a different level. Each level contains a mysterious map. You will be the one to discover which evil enemy is behind each of these matches. These bosses are frantic, swaggering, and challenging your leadership and strategic skills. Rise up, attack relentlessly to destroy all the evil things that stand in the way of protecting the earth for you and your army.

Cyber War Idle Defense heroes apk free

Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes bring users more than 100 legendary generals with unique offensive and defensive skills. The gameplay is not fussy, or cumbersome. Just choose for yourself a defensive position, and give the appropriate generals. Aim the target, and tap to shoot the enemy. Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes is a relatively harmonious combination of graphics and sound. The game brings players to each certain type of emotion. Carrying a strong love for peace, what will you do to foil the enemy’s plot to conquer Earth? Download Cyber ​​War: Idle Defense heroes to feel the future fantasy apocalypse.

How to Download & Install Cyber War: Idle Defense heroes MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit/Max VIP) for Android


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