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Run the most popular game development company and make exciting games in Game Dev Story. Again the story of the game makers from a unique perspective. Players themselves will now experience the process of creating a game. Indeed, to do that in real life, we need a lot of intricate knowledge. Game Dev Story will use a slightly more straightforward approach. You will be a manager of a game company. That is, you are responsible for overseeing all the work in the company. Constantly take on the role of encouraging employee morale. Complete assigned tasks and develop the company higher and higher.

Observe the work of everyone above. Your game company will receive a lot of projects, so it must be done to meet the set targets. Your task is to supervise all the activities of the employees. Recruit more new employees to different working positions. Manage projects and distribute roles appropriately and effectively. Although your job is only as a manager, you will still support the employees in their daily activities.

Game Dev Story mod

Download Game Dev Story mod – Develop a professional game production company

In the early stages of growth, your company will be just a small office with a few work areas. The first employees of this company also have the most essential skills to program a game. Once the company’s games have gained popularity, the money earned will increase. Use profits to literally and figuratively expand the size of your company. Recruit more talented employees to change the style of game making more professional. Track the work of each person and nominate them to several promising departments. If you let the employees develop their abilities, the effect of the game at launch will be huge.

Game Dev Story mod apk

Acquiring excellent individuals

The larger the company’s size, the more opportunities you have to hire more good employees. Click on an empty area to recruit random employees. You will get many options with many distinct abilities. Find out what your company is lacking in human resources. From there, select people who are talented enough to fill that vacancy. All employees have four competency indicators: programming skills, content, graphics, and music. This means there will be people who are incredibly talented at programming but terrible at vocals. Bring together people who are good at their skills. Let them do joint projects, and you will be in for a surprise.

Game Dev Story mod apk free

Developing new projects

The revenue you earn comes mainly from game products made and released to the market. Every game made requires a good theme. Beautiful graphics, vivid sound and few errors. To meet that, it is clear that all four factors we mentioned in the previous section must be at a medium to a high level. Gather qualified employees from various fields to create products. If your whole team has enough skills in programming, content, graphics and music, the game you make will gain a lot of appreciation and make a lot of money. Otherwise, it will be criticized in certain factors, so we have to be very careful.

Reviews from critics

When a game is first released, critics immediately test and evaluate it. They will analyze the four factors that helped create a game. From there, the scores of all four factors are obtained. Not only grades but also assessing what elements are good and bad in detail. The maximum number of points that a game can receive is 40. Corresponding to 10 points for all four aspects of the game. Accompanied by high scores are touching comments and compliments from critics. If the score is low, then you know what happens. The company will lose money and not have enough capital to continue making games.

Game Dev Story mod free

Making a game is a long and challenging process. So the game must make a profit to be considered a success. Game Dev Story tells you the truth about game development. Behind every success is the hard work of the development team. The process of selecting talented employees is the most important. Bringing an unknown name in the market to become a famous game brand. What can you do to make your company famous through the games you make in Game Dev Story.

Download Game Dev Story MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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