Funko Pop! Blitz MOD APK 1.18.15 (Unlimited lives)

Updated on 28/01/2023 (5 days ago)
NameFunko Pop! Blitz APK
PublisherEast Side Games Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited lives
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Funko Pop! Blitz brings you to the world of funny and lovely items. You are a person who has a passion for fair puzzle games mixed with a little bit of childishness. The previous jigsaw puzzle games made you no longer interested. And the desire to conquer something new and challenging. Now here, right here at Funko Pop! Blitz, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for all along. With challenges given from easy to complex. You need to collect the items to achieve the highest score.

Cute animals always have something to attract players with a world full of diverse characters waiting for you to explore. In this journey, you will have a lot of levels and difficulties that you need to overcome. What you need is to use your intelligence. Race against the running timeline to the finish line to win. Find out and discover why Funko Pop! Blitz is considered the most worth-playing puzzle game!

Funko Pop Blitz mod

Download Funko Pop mod – Adventure with cute characters

Unlike previous jigsaw puzzles with colored blocks or shapes that easily cause boredom for players. At Funko Pop! Blitz, players will experience challenges with cute animals. The animals that will appear on the game screen are a pretty baby boy or a cat, a donkey, or a green elf. Each character will have their hidden skills full of mysteries waiting for you to discover. Just like other puzzle games, what you need to overcome is not just quests. It would help if you also had a high score to surpass your friends’ ratings.

Funko Pop Blitz apk

Game screens with different rules

Funko Pop! Blitz replaces the moves in the level with the element of time. You will need to be quick, quick, and focused. To be able to find matching items and put them together quickly. So instead of before, the game limits you to the number of moves. Forcing you to find the things the system assigns, you need to try to score high points for your rounds. This alone is enough for you to see the attraction of the game. And the difference is not tied to the characteristics of the previous puzzle game genres.

Funko Pop Blitz mod apk

Support items are rich and diverse

At Funko Pop! Blitz, you will be surprised when no obstacles appear in the game. There will be many items to support you throughout the game. Helps you eliminate a large number of game items in the vicinity instead of bombs appearing in previous games. Support items such as rockets, iridescent crowns, bombs, or x2 items will suddenly appear. It would help if you were alert to choose the right things to use at the right time to maximize your power and get the highest score possible.

Funko Pop Blitz android

Duplicate difficulties

Instead of the difficulties that come from solving the game rounds. To win, time is what you need to pay attention to. The time will default for you from 30s to 90s. You will need to race against the countdown timer. The Bill Mode bar must be filled when the player counter reaches zero. You will receive an extra 5 seconds on your turn when the bar is complete. Try your best not to fall behind. The character’s rank will show you their rarity and ability. The class will be offered from 3 stars to 6 stars. The higher the level, the more skills the character will have. And their power will be clearly shown on the game screen.

Help from Booster

Boosters are quite a valuable player support item during the game. However, there are many character boosters brought into the play besides skills. For example, Butter Hor will have time boosters, bomb support items, or crowns. However, the number of this booster is not too much, so you must be careful to use it during the game. Avoid the case of wasting but not bringing you high efficiency in the match. Save it for the challenging levels; it will work as efficiently as possible.

Funko Pop Blitz apk free

It is impossible to describe the fun things that Funko Pop! Blitz gives players. Discover for yourself the beautiful things that Funko Pop! Blitz brings. The content of each round is something you need to read carefully. To be able to cover the game screen. And can complete the mission to get the highest score. Refer to the overview Power index so you can objectively assess the characters’ abilities. Download Funko Pop! Blitz mod arrange the characters your way to winning the time.

Download Funko Pop! Blitz MOD APK (Unlimited lives) for Android

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