Woody Blast MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Tickets) 1.32.0

Updated 22/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameWoody Blast APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Tickets
SupportAndroid 8.0 +
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Woody Blast MOD APK Information


  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. Unlimited Moves
  3. Unlimited Boosters
  4. Unlimited Lives
  5. Unlimited Tickets

Introduce MOD APK Woody Blast

Fun and exciting puzzles at Woody Blast. Connecting the same wood pellets and getting points is the way to play. It sounds effortless, but it discourages many good players from giving up. The difficulty is gradually increased without limit making every effort consistently not enough. Save the poor animals trapped inside the big square block. Special moves always create a unique and explosive effect for the game. Failure and retry are inevitable here, so don’t be too surprised when the series of failures appear, rather than being discouraged, keep moving forward. There is no time limit on each level, play at your own pace.

The puzzle game mode brings back nostalgia for the first generation games that pioneered entertainment. The primary role throughout the game is the wooden squares. It is not clear where these objects come from various paint colors and sculptures, but it seems to be the only key to moving forward. The animals that need to be rescued are locked in interlocking cells and must be connected to get them out. Score after each play due to several moves, completion requirements and decision score. Moving objects as little as possible to complete the mission will get three stars.

Woody Blast mod free min

Download Woody Blast mod apk – Decode the square wood world

To disappear the blocks need to move the same color to each other in a straight or horizontal line. The wooden boxes will automatically fade when they meet the same type. Luck is also needed when playing these types of games, the level of uncertainty of players at early levels is relatively ridiculously high. It was also the envy of those who had reached the higher levels when they were forced to show off their skills with meager teleports. Failing due to bad luck is very familiar, sometimes the help can hardly save them when the system pops out different colored boxes in the moment of life and death.

Woody Blast mod apk min

Familiar pairing mode

The familiar way of playing in that genre is to connect three cells of the same color to eat. Very simple and easy to get used to but not easy to master. Initial wins are for getting used to, so enjoy before leveling up. Moves have an insurmountable limit, when the down move indicates skill is necessary to get through the board. The turn and the target are placed right next to each other on the maze. There are times when hostage rescue is no longer a necessary goal, so avoid wasting turns. The number of moves is preset, so think freely and take risks. If you can, connect more than three colored pastes to explore the maze.

Woody Blast mod apk free min

Build explosive power

Connect five wooden sticks to gain breakthrough power. Breakthrough ability to purge the maze horizontally or vertically depending on how it was made. Don’t be hasty with moves that immediately go 3 or 4 squares. Rows of 5 will bring double efficiency, especially when concatenating rows. But do not expect too much on this energy, the ultimate goal is still to win or pass the screen. Don’t let the colorful candies attract you to forget the primary responsibility. Connecting more than five blocks will produce a destructive bomb. This is not often the case at high levels but harmful damage is also a trade-off.

Woody Blast mod min

Exciting activities and events

The daily bonus feature when completing tasks is familiarity with entertainment genres. Every day at the beginning of a new day, exciting activities are proposed so that the game is not boring. The number of plays per day is limited by life. When the network runs out, you must wait for the recharge to continue. Gifts after each game can give you unlimited lives for several hours. Events contain a lot of coins and necessities. Regular attendance at the daily task matching event builds momentum for growth. Horse racing offers a novel experience while the league cup is fiercely competitive. Both of them have a lot of gifts that don’t belong.

Woody Blast free min

Poor animals

These little individuals lost their mothers and were sealed in square areas everywhere. Many cases were taken away from when they were still immature eggs. Break the seal for them by exploding cells near them to return these species to the wild. The rescue process has not always been smooth sailing. The goal of passing the screen often does not require a rescue, which is sad. But in the end this is also a puzzle game, play it with decisive thinking. The lost animals will soon see you again and are always waiting to be freed. Challenge your superintelligence with the match and rescue game Woody Blast mod apk.

How to Download & Install Woody Blast MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Tickets) for Android


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