FOOD FANTASY MOD APK (Menu, Onehit, Weak Enemy, Instant Win) 1.45.1

Updated on 12/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
PublisherFundoll Global Limited
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit, Weak Enemy, Instant Win
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Mod Menu
>Weak Enemy
>One Hit Kill
>Instant Win

FOOD FANTASY is a Japanese anime-style role-playing game. This is a special combination of action role-playing game combined with restaurant management. Not only satisfy the passion for the player’s cuisine but also have fierce struggles. The game opens a world where the soul of food, the soul born from food coexist with humans. Collect as many anthropomorphic plants as they can to aid in battle. The plot is taken in a mysterious world threatened by evil goblins. In order to protect the peace for this place, the participation of legendary heroes is required.

In normal fighting games, the heroes are usually warriors, archers, magicians, … But this game brings something special when the heroes fighting are the chefs. talent. And they used the ingredients for cooking to bring into the war. This world exists under the cute name “Tiana” and is threatened by a fallen body that suddenly appears. In the game, there are hundreds of food recipes for players to explore. You can also create your restaurant. By using the store’s decorations and furniture.


Download FOOD FANTASY mod – Master chef must use ingredients to fight monsters

Start the game from hiring the staff to work for your restaurant. Then select the ingredients to create the required recipes. Satisfied diners will bring back the restaurant’s reputation. The increased reputation attracts more customers to visit, helping to increase the store’s revenue. This money and items can be collected to feed the raw souls you are training. Even when going to fight with the squad out there, you still need to make sure you have enough staff. Avoid letting the fight cause all store operations to be delayed and affected.


Beautiful character

As you know, the Japanese anime style is extremely lively, the characters are meticulously designed. FOOD FANTASY is one of these styled games. The characters are designed extremely meticulously and cutely, bringing a sense of harmony to the game. The dairy cow girl wears a white dress with black spots on the bottom. The long flowing silver hair makes it even more magical. Or the girl in a light pink princess dress, with her shiny black hair tied up in a bun. Or the hand that needs two pistols on the side to kill money towards the enemy. The guy with smoky purple hair, two hands wearing red boxing gloves,…


Combat Tactics

Besides knowing how to manage the restaurant closely, when participating in combat, you must also have a consistent strategy. When facing the monsters out there depends entirely on your squad. First, players need to choose the appropriate factors to bring into the battle squad. Then it is necessary to choose the appropriate position to promote the full strength of each person. More terrifying than the monsters that invade out there. Players also have to fight inside their restaurant. By the guests who stole money or the robbers. The battles take place as opportunities for you to earn more bonus points and experience.


More than 100 recipes

The food at your restaurant is extremely simple, with more than 100 recipes. From the basic ingredients that you collect, make them into special dishes. Although there is no experience in processing, the game has a support mechanism. Players just need to follow the instructions of the characters behind. After finishing the dish, you can bring it to serve diners, wait for them to finish eating and clear the table. From there, collect interesting materials and bring them into the soul tempered room. The culinary souls, upon receiving the quintessence of all things, can transform into humans. But also have to energize as the process goes on.


When the culinary souls have transformed into human form, they are brought into battle. Players can also upgrade to increase their strength. Colorful stones combined with the powerful skill system of each soul. Exaggerate skills to increase the stats of your culinary soul. Hero names are interesting because they are derived from culinary souls. Such as milk, vegetables, eggs, wine, lobster,…Download FOOD FANTASY discover the excitement when culinary souls transform into heroes fighting against evil monsters.

Download FOOD FANTASY MOD APK (Menu, Onehit, Weak Enemy, Instant Win) for Android

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