NotiGuy MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) 2.2.9

Updated 23/09/2023 (3 months ago)
NameNotiGuy APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Premium
SupportAndroid 9.0+
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Introduce MOD APK NotiGuy

Dynamic Island is no stranger to technology lovers, a unique feature that can only be found in two recently launched iPhones, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. With a small, elongated shape in the center of the top of the device but with tons of cool features, it helps users efficiently manage all notifications and access applications and be considered a small island. And now, with the appearance of NotiGuy, even users who do not own the other two expensive iPhones can experience this feature on their Android devices. An application that faithfully reproduces Dynamic Island’s characteristics, which only iPhone users can now share with Android users.

Sometimes people just like some features of the iPhone but don’t want to own one, so if users feel like iPhone’s Dynamic Island, they shouldn’t ignore this application. In addition to valuable features, this application also helps to make the camera cut on Android devices no longer empty and balanced, making the device instantly become more modern and luxurious. That’s a lot.

NotiGuy mod apk free

Download NotiGuy mod – Enjoy the dynamic Island on Android devices

NotiGuy is an application that allows users to experience all the great features of Dynamic Island on their Android device without spending expensive money to buy an iPhone. An app that makes receiving notifications fun and hassle-free can sort notifications by importance and respond to messages directly without going into the app. With this application, users can ultimately decide how they want to receive information, customize the Island’s interface to show their personality, and change the LED light color when there is a notification. There are almost no limitations; users can integrate into the Island as many applications and features as they want, and all activities on Android devices will become more convenient than ever with the support of NotiGuy.

NotiGuy mod android free

Change notification style

NotiGuy allows users to arbitrarily change the notification style for their Android phone, removing the boring, familiar head-up notifications and replacing them with new notification styles that combine animations. Creating a notification style with your style and personality is easy with this application, making your device unique and not duplicated by others. Others. Users can also create their Island more special by adding light effects such as border, glow, dyn, amic edge lighting, and shake when a notification arrives. With NotiGuy, messages will appear the way people want so that messages will become more exciting and less annoying than before.

NotiGuy mod apk

Customize notification location

Not only can it be displayed at the top position of the device, but NotiGuy users can also completely move their Island to any place on the screen to match their usage habits and receive information. Newspaper. For example, the display at the bottom of the screen, the display in the center left corner, and the center display on the right are all convenient places to check notifications without stretching your arms. In addition to the location, NotiGuy also allows users to modify the appearance of the Island from color to size. Choosing the available colors or designing new colors according to personal preferences is at the user’s discretion; feel free to customize until you create a notification island that the user is satisfied with. Best, because the user experience is always a priority.

NotiGuy mod

Multi-tasking function

This application will make the cut of the Android device’s camera more harmonious. It can perform interactions on it instead of being able to do nothing but take pictures like before. NotiGuy wraps around the device camera and creates an island of multi-tasking, allowing users to check notifications and reply instantly or take screenshots, access the camera, adjust the brightness of the flashlight, open the menu of recently used apps, play and stop music, set the alarm time, and much more. The user’s job is to choose the applications and features they want to integrate into the Island. All user activities on Android devices will become more convenient and easier to control.

NotiGuy mod android

Download NotiGuy mod enjoy its unique features, and create your unique style of dynamic Island on Android devices.

How to Download & Install NotiGuy MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android


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