Car Industry Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.7.4

Updated on 26/08/2022 (8 months ago)
NameCar Industry Tycoon APK
PublisherAdrian Zarzycki
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Car Industry Tycoon is an engaging simulation game that brings new things to the automotive industry. Players will find ways to help their car factory grow. Help your property become more and more prosperous and become the tycoon of the auto industry. The game gives players a specific foundation to create, not too poor but in need of improvement. And, of course, each person will have their directions and unique investment strategies. Some people will find as many ways as possible to research and develop complete new car lines. While there are gamers, who give priority to exploiting production technology and assembly technology. Choose for yourself the path of successful people.

Indeed you have also played through or know the games that build tribes build cities. Those games have beautiful gameplay mechanics when the activities are made realistically. Players can recognize a certain similarity between the game on the phone and life. Car Industry Tycoon also has its unique features and inherited attraction. However, this game is also created by the game maker with many unique new things. Players from a minor car repair and manufacturing facility are looking for a direction to develop. Economic resources should be invested and used inappropriate, worthwhile portfolios. From there, players need clear thinking.

Car Industry Tycoon mod

Download Car Industry Tycoon mod – Develop a car factory

If you want to stay on top of every car industry trend, Car Industry Tycoon is for you. However, genuinely becoming the tycoon of a highly competitive industry is not easy. In the early stages of the game, when the base was still relatively simple, there could not be a significant source of revenue. This is when you need to research and learn the ways of the game that drive growth. You can focus on advancing component manufacturing technology and creating quality parts. Or you can also find the fastest way for your factory to produce complete cars for sale. There is no right or wrong strategy here, only the right strategy.

Car Industry Tycoon mod apk

Attractive gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you will be guided by a worker on the first steps. That NPC guy will first show the working history of a worker. If you want to enter the factory, you need to check at the entrance, and at that time, the waiting time is quite long. The player will touch the waiting gate, the upgrade area appears, and the player uses the money to reduce the waiting time. Next is the car chassis production area, which also needs to be upgraded. After that, the player will be instructed to elevate the parking lot to accommodate more vehicles. Solar panels near the factory gate also need to be repaired and upgraded. NPCs will also help players know how to perform these operations. In general, the operation that the player needs to perform is not much; most of them are clicks. This leisure helps players have more time to calculate the direction of development. The development direction of a successful person.

Car Industry Tycoon apk

Various types of cars

When your factory has achieved specific achievements in the production of parts, that’s when you need to think about the production, assembly, and sale of complete cars. The game maker has created 12 car models suitable for each customer. The first is the Compact model, a model of compactness, convenience, and reasonable price. Next is the sedan model, which has two rows of seats and a small storage box. Let’s come to the car with the potent engine; this model is called the Offroad Car. With its powerful engine, this model confidently overcomes dangerous roads. So what about the models that can transport goods, come to the Pickup model? This vehicle has an extra-large storage bin in the back, perfect for transporting goods. In addition, Car Industry Tycoon has many other models such as Minivan and cars for the whole family.

Car Industry Tycoon apk free

Lots of upgrade modes

Car Industry Tycoon’s number of upgradeable items is enough to keep players busy from upgrading to reducing gate wait times to upgrading parking areas. After that, boosting the production machine creates a high-quality chassis and chassis. Upgrading to unlock areas such as research areas and testing areas is also critical. Besides, players need to upgrade more assembly machines to increase the number of products. The short manufacturing and installation speed equates to an increased number of spare parts, components, and products. The player’s profit will increase exponentially, up to millions of dollars. Soon, you will be the leader of the auto industry.

Car Industry Tycoon android

Business capital is not accessible, but the car business is often more complex. With unique game mechanics, Car Industry Tycoon helps you be in this premium industry. Download Car Industry Tycoon to grow your car factory from a small base, build a variety of cars and become the tycoon of the industry.

Download Car Industry Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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