Experiment Z MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Free shopping, unlimited ammo) 2.15

Updated 26/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameExperiment Z APK
PublisherBrain Vault
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Free shopping, unlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Experiment Z

It is challenging and dangerous to survive in adverse circumstances. This difficulty will be greatly increased with the game Experiment Z. This is where you will use up all the survival experience that you have learned. Pick up useful weapons to destroy all enemies around—takedown hungry zombies to keep yourself safe from threats. Become the last surviving hero with ultimate fighting skills.

Today’s survival games have become too familiar and do not hold much appeal. If so, try new things in Experiment Z. This game will combine both survival and killing zombies. It sounds weird, but it is possible and has been successfully applied. Although the graphics are not too high, there is nothing too weak to criticize. Everything from the interface to the features is also done in a pretty good way.

Experiment Z mod

Download Experiment Z mod – Fight and survive until the end.

The fighting method of this game will be similar to all other survival games. You will be taken directly to a deserted island to start your battle. The most important work will be to search around for the necessities. Not only that, you need to find yourself weapons such as guns and knives to protect yourself. We need to move constantly to collect more and better things. The opponents will appear at any time to take you down, be careful. But some operations will be cut down a bit to avoid losing the player’s time. Shoot down everything that threatens your life with guns. The last survivor will be the ruler.

There will be random zombies arranged at certain locations. They will suddenly rush in and attack when detecting a target. There are two most effective ways to deal with them: kill them or run fast. It is advisable to stay away from these hazards so as not to experience too much disadvantage.

Experiment Z mod free

Lots of weapons

To survive without weapons is truly unacceptable. Experiment Z will not disappoint you with various weapons, from pistols like USP, Glock to rifles like AK-47 or M4A1. Depending on the situation in the game, you will find certain types of guns. If you look hard enough, you can find more guns located in many different places. If shooting is too boring, you can use melee weapons. They can deal more damage than guns but can only be used at close range. Very suitable for killing zombies or suddenly attacking other players.

Experiment Z mod apk

Important equipment

To combat unwanted effects, we need to find protective equipment. These will include armor, pants, and a bulletproof helmet forming the complete set. Players can often find these in abandoned buildings. It will be placed in many different positions and requires you to observe closely. When you equip these, you will be able to reduce the damage from enemy bullets. Coated many dangerous headshots and preserved his life. Money can be used to buy more powerful things in the shop. Find anything useful to enter danger zones with confidence.

Experiment Z mod android

Wide map

The map of Experiment Z is made in the form of a huge open world. You can cross a lot of different forests or hills. Go to residential areas where there are no people to find equipment. Everything is reproduced exactly like reality, and nothing too absurd is included. Why is there not a single person everywhere? Because this is the post-apocalypse, and everyone has been transformed except for the survivors. They compete with each other for their best interests themselves. Everywhere zombies are appearing, even when opening the door of a certain room, one must be wary.

Experiment Z mod apk free

Because the map is so large, it will take a long time to navigate by yourself. So the means will be an optimal choice to be used a lot. You can find armored military vehicles or Jeeps around you. Use it to get where you need to go or get rid of zombies and enemies. Vehicles also only have certain durability, so woo much will lead to total damage. When attacked or crashed, Fight every opponent on your own in Experiment Z’s levels. You will gradually accumulate more experience and become the strongest.

How to Download & Install Experiment Z MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Free shopping, unlimited ammo) for Android


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James Ray J. Ayad
James Ray J. Ayad
1 year ago

Um does this mean you have like armour
And guns and a lot of zcoins

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