EverMerge MOD APK (Menu, Free shopping/Free speedup time) 1.41.7

Updated on 26/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameEverMerge APK
PublisherBig Fish Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free shopping/Free speedup time
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
EverMerge MOD APK Infomation

V1: Unlimited money


  1. Free Shopping (purchase any item without spend real money)
  2. Free Speed Up Time (speed up for timer always free)

For anyone who got stuck, please follow this step :

  1. Disconnect your internet connection;
  2. After some pop up showing, connect the internet again.

V3: Mod menu

  1. Unlimited money
  2. Unlimited Resources

EverMerge is a game that will help you create your dream island with just touches. Create everything without too many resources. The combination of creatures here is the key to making all the best things. Takes you to an abandoned land barren and lifeless. With your own hands, you will create everything. Recreate houses, plants, grow magical creatures. Sometimes it is possible to perform tasks in exchange for many attractive gifts. Heaven is here and will be built with your ability and perseverance.

Bring the puzzle genre in a new style. We will not use the jigsaw element to solve the puzzles here. On the contrary, it forms the elements that make this land full of life. Graphics are bold cartoon cute, sure to make you unable to take your eyes off for a long time. Next is the process for you to build beautiful scenes. Still, fun little items combine to create something bigger and more modern. Become an absolute god in EverMerge.

EverMerge mod

Download EverMerge mod – Develop a beautiful land without consuming resources

Everything that appears on the land in EverMerge can be combined. Use your finger to put the same items in the same place. Tap one more time to merge them and create a more oversized item. For example, two simple wooden houses will create a large home with additional floors. Two small trees will make a delicious apple tree. The most special is the two eggs that will create an entirely new creature on this land. That’s how you make life here thrive. New items will appear more and more as you level up. Please take advantage of them all to develop the land of your dreams.

EverMerge mod apk

Collection of super icons

There are three things that you will develop in this game: buildings, plants, and creatures. How to create them was introduced in the previous section. And of course, their number is not limited to a few simple items. There are hundreds of ways to combine and create various exceptional works. Plants and organisms are the same if the hybrid composition is changed. Let’s say you want to change wood into iron and trees into vines. Just that small change will create a lot of new elements. It could be a large castle, a mythical creature or a vast and rare tree. It would help if you worked hard to develop everything.

EverMerge mod apk free

Earn more building resources

The underground mining of stone and wood was necessary. When you lack resources, they will play an important role to provide you with more. There are also many other items in the store, like gems coins, to exchange for many rare items. Diversify buildings or creatures and plants. Wands and treasure chests are always the most precious things every builder wants. They open up a lot of surprises. Whether it is to decorate or give life to the land at EverMerge is genuinely remarkable. Expand the magical world to many different lands. Celebrate the birth of many new and rarest mythical creatures.

EverMerge mod free

Do mind quizzes

Every year, EverMerge welcomes a special event for all players. There will always be a visitor to your land and give you puzzles. Their difficulty is not so complicated that it cannot be solved. But of course, it will still challenge many of the most innovative players. So in return, if you solve them, what will you get? That is the special reward from the other guest. A hidden treasure contains an item that only appears during that event. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to add them to your collection. These are special in that they only appear once a year. Do not lose this chance.

EverMerge free

Cute graphics and suitable for any player. Simple and easy gameplay to create new areas and buildings. Collect more mystical creatures and rare plants on your land. EverMerge is the place for you to relax and relieve stress. Add more exciting things to your collection. Solve challenging puzzles to gain worthy rewards. Immerse yourself in the dream world without ending the EverMerge mod.

Download EverMerge MOD APK (Menu, Free shopping/Free speedup time) for Android

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6 months ago
Rating :

The game isn’t opening. It keeps getting stuck on 95% in the loading screen

roy menrey
roy menrey
6 months ago
Rating :

not work at android 13

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