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One day even your very small decisions will cause a huge consequence later that you will regret. Because you are about to experience Episode – Choose Your Story. A pretty special life simulation game. There will be no chaotic action fighting scenes, or strategy and puzzles. You will play the role of people living in their world. Help them get out of the problems that are in front of them. And it is you who will make the story continue in a way that only you can know.

It has almost become a popular trend in the gaming world. As games about life simulation, communication is launched in quite impressive numbers. Instead of talking about the name at the forefront of those games. We will only talk about one outstanding title coming out later. That is Episode – Choose Your Story. You are probably familiar with this name. Because it is quite popular among the gaming community who love dating games.

Episode CYS mod

Download Episode – Choose Your Story – Choices affect the future

Like many other simulation dating games. You will be able to choose from among many outstanding stories to play. With a variety of topics not only dating and romance. But there are also all kinds of detective, fiction, sensational like real movies. Your job is simply to choose your favorite story. Design your own characters for that story and get involved in the plot right away. Once you’ve made the necessary customizations, the next thing is just to enjoy the story. Of course, it’s still under your control.

The stories are mainly about a theme that revolves around one of the main characters. Talk about events, phenomena that occur and the main character must learn. As well as solving everything around that problem in the story. You will not be bored when new details always happen in a very unexpected way. You can choose your answers and actions. Let the story branch off and continue in different ways.

Episode CYS mod apk

Getting to know the story and characters

Every time you start a new story, you definitely have to do one thing. It is to capture the main action that is taking place in that story. The characters, their personalities, gestures, and actions will affect a small part of the story. For the most part, of course, it will be you. However, the characters always bring a unique and important color. Make a direct or indirect connection to the plot. Let you know which storyline you should follow. Who to side with and whom to eliminate. But sometimes there will be surprises that make us unpredictable.

Episode CYS mod free

Facing unexpected situations

It is not a strange thing to face unexpected situations and you will have to deal with them yourself. Especially with a life simulation game like Episode – Choose Your Story. What do you do when your boyfriend goes out with another girl. The person important to you is missing in the following chapter. Or your dish has problems because of being pranked by someone. Whatever the situation, any story can happen. And you, no one else will have to step out and deal with all of them. For many people, this is one of the very interesting elements to push stories to more climax and drama.

Episode CYS mod apk free

Publish your story yourself

Yes, you are completely allowed to create a new story. If you feel the game’s stories are not suitable or special for you. If you are a good writer or creative person, even more suitable. You will add to your story many interesting and unexpected elements. Each genre you love requires a certain story connection skill. Finally, publish it, get feedback from other players. Constantly modifying them to be as perfect as possible. Not only participating but also being able to be creative is nothing.

Episode CYS mod mod

Episode – Choose Your Story has done very well the Gameplay style that it is aiming for. To give players the most positive and realistic experience. Watch the stories and characters develop through each stage. And in the end, there will be a happy ending or suffering or many problems. That is the real attraction and drama that simulation games aim for. More specifically for Episode – Choose Your Story mod. Well worth a try and experience.

Download Episode – Choose Your Story MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android

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Kenya Jonea
Kenya Jonea
2 months ago
Rating :

Can you pls update it

Ipsita Priyadarshini
Ipsita Priyadarshini
4 months ago
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Please update to the latest version, the version which y’all have is 14.92, that’s an old version, the latest one is 22.30. please y’all update it

5 months ago
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Do you not update this one often?.. Please update it for free premium choices and unlimited reading tickets…

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