Empire Defender TD: Premium MOD APK 2.18.3 (Unlimited money, stamina)

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NameEmpire Defender TD: Premium APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, stamina
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Empire Defender TD: Premium is where the battles take place in the fiercest way on the planet. Noble beings defend their strongholds from those who come from the filthy darkness. You are the one chosen to lead them to glorious victories. One of the most extraordinary things is discovering your potential. Constantly evolving to become faster and stronger than before. Create a defense so strong that even the gods cannot breakthrough. What you are doing will be good things for the future.

Empire Defender TD: Premium is a more advanced version of Empire Defender TD game. It brings many upgrades and valuable and complete features for players. No more uncomfortable limitations are encountered when wanting to grow stronger. In terms of graphics, it will remain the same with epic and fairy-tale images. Challenge yourself more with high difficulty levels. A perfect place to train yourself for the strategy of war. The most significant conflicts will be created and ended by you.

Empire Defender TD Premium mod

Download Empire Defender TD: Premium mod – Develop defenses wisely

Do not face the invasion of the dark faction, and you will have to help your faction stand against the attacks. Enemies will split into multiple charges in a level you have participated in. They will progress continuously for a while and may take a short break to move on to the next wave. Your task is to defeat them as quickly as possible to avoid approaching the territory. The player can line up his defensive units next to the path. These units attack themselves when the enemy is within the range specified by that unit. The more powerful things you can create, the higher your win rate.

Empire Defender TD Premium mod android

Summon towers

The towers that you build carry terrible powers. They can fire energy beams to destroy enemies quickly. There are many types of buildings that you can equip with different attacks and activities. Some towers can deal splash damage to their enemies. Some types can only attack one target but deal more significant damage. Combining these types of buildings will create a particular effect. While fighting, we can upgrade the tower by connecting to increase its strength. Based on the enemy’s nature and how they move to have a suitable strategy.

Empire Defender TD Premium mod free

Effective skills

Skills are fundamental to enhance better abilities on towers. They create effects that are beneficial to your allies or harmful to your opponents. After summoning any building, these skills will appear for you to use. The more powerful towers there are, the more exciting skills are acquired. You can heal, paralyze enemies, create thunder, and a host of other abilities. Don’t be afraid to use your skills when you can gain a tremendous advantage. It will also help repel large numbers of enemies’ attacks. Combine with defensive towers to create the most extraordinary effect.

Empire Defender TD Premium mod apk

Strategy map

Players in Empire Defender TD: Premium will have to participate in many different levels. Each time you come to a new chapter, you will change another map to match the context of the plot. But not only that, but each game screen can also change the type of enemy movement. Brings a variety of new fighting methods to layout your battlefield effectively. With Empire Defender TD: Premium mod, nothing can win with your strategies.

Download Empire Defender TD: Premium MOD APK (Unlimited money, stamina) for Android

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