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Introduce MOD APK Through the Darkest of Times

The scariest time for the world was when the German empire was still in power. The country has spread terror to the whole world with the launch of 2 world wars first and second. There are many movies and literary works that depict the cruelty and barbarism of Nazi Germany. In it, many games on the subject of war are also taken in this context. But today I will introduce you to a detective game. It’s Through the Darkest of Times. Also based on the background of Nazi Germany in the past.

This particular game has very deep political and war elements. I advise you to play when fully understood it is not for underage age. Because of the dark colors featured in Through the Darkest of Times. Shows a brutal and haunting Berlin in the years 1933. The game depicts a small group of real resistance troops. Find a way to survive in the midst of dictatorial Germany and wait until the day of overthrow to liberate and free.

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Download Through the Darkest of Times – Struggle for freedom

When you first look at this game, you will wonder where the struggle lies, there is no army, bombs, and means of combat. It must be understood that the resistance here includes Jews, Communists, Catholics, and a small group of patriots. They did not succumb to the tyranny and barbarism of Nazi Germany. So he had to live in seclusion in the city of Berlin. Daily task of transporting the information. Spread the word and change people’s awareness. Along with many sneaky anti-Nazi actions. But it also leaves a lot of potential dangers.

Your journey to overthrow Nazi Germany will certainly not be possible alone. Let’s bring in more patriots. Or those who oppose imperialist policies and rule to oppose them. According to what history has recorded. The revolutionary army will still fail in this historical work. The atrocities of Nazi Germany will still be on display more and more. But the fact that you did your best to arouse the people’s hatred of the empire will still be recognized.

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Planning and Execution

The reason why the resistance stood up against the German Empire. It was all too clear by the evil deeds that Nazi Germany had committed. It’s all in history that anyone who learns about the two biggest wars in humanity will know well. So the main activities of the resistance to fight against Nazi Germany as mentioned above. It is to change people’s minds. Let the people realize the dictatorial nature of the government. Performing information destruction missions from abroad. Causing many small-scale riots. All are part of a plan to overthrow the government.

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Recruit more teammates

Reactionary work requires it to be done stealthily and not openly. This will avoid the suspicion of Nazi Germany. You need to recruit more people who hate Nazis. Have the spirit of liberation and independence as a collective. Assign them tasks from the lightest to the most dangerous. The most important thing to do in the immediate future is to avoid the eyes of the Nazis. Because just being discovered there are signs of reaction. You and your teammates will be in danger of life at any time. So always stay in stealth mode, ready to back off at any time.


Make informed choices

Sometimes a resistance leader has to make a decisive decision. No matter how hard it is and how it causes separation. This is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the organization. At the same time control is to avoid the encirclement of Nazi Germany at any time. This is a job that requires a high degree of responsibility and self-discipline. Just being careless or heartbroken, will put people in the most dangerous position. Those are the things a leader must do. Otherwise, all will have to be sacrificed in vain.

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A game based on true stories of patriotism. About the cruelty and cold blood of imperialism. About the brave spirit of the Jewish people and the resistance forces. With the mission to overthrow Nazi Germany and bring peace and happiness to the nation. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about world history knowledge. Consolidate the idea of ​​independence and national unification. All are in Through the Darkest of Times mod.

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