Elemental Story World MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.3.0

Updated 11/04/2024 (4 days ago)
NameElemental Story World APK
PublisherCROOZ Blockchain Lab,inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Elemental Story World

Elemental Story World MOD APK challenges your fighting ability when entering the elemental world. You will begin your quest to lead a team of brave heroes to fight against enemies. They rushed to the surface from the dark dungeon to prepare for their plan to destroy the world. And anyone who appears before them will be attacked and quickly destroyed by them. Therefore, heroes must fight to prevent the world from being destroyed. And in those challenging journeys, you will be the one to help them perform attacks. Get ready for the task of leading a team of heroes to fight against monster enemies.

Becoming the fighting companion of heroes requires you to have courage. That’s because your party members will destroy monsters to protect the world. They are creatures with a cruel nature that can destroy lands with ease. Therefore, to complete the task of protecting humanity, you need heroes to fight. You can attack and defeat monsters using a combination of guns and other weapons. But combining the different pieces displayed on the screen would be best. Start your journey to fight against monster enemies plotting to destroy the world.

Elemental Story World mod

Download Elemental Story World MOD APK – Use elemental powers to fight in challenges

You will play the role of one of the world’s brave heroes fighting against enemies. They are hateful-looking creatures and are invading different lands. Everywhere they passed was destroyed, making life impossible to continue developing. So, with the wish to protect your world, you and the heroes cannot let the monsters rage. By standing up to destroy monsters, you can stop this situation. But you must resolutely destroy all monsters to bring the world back to a peaceful time. Embark on dangerous adventures as you fight waves of enemies.

Elemental Story World apk

Connect and fight

To fight against monsters, you will accompany the world’s powerful heroes. In challenging missions, they will use their abilities to help you attack enemies. And you will arrange the pieces so the heroes attack faster over time. There will be 30 pieces of different shapes, and you can change positions between them to attack. However, the time to connect is limited, and you must quickly help the hero release his skills. That way, you can deal damage to monsters until you kill them. Connect the hero’s skill pieces to attack monsters in Elemental Story World MOD APK.

Elemental Story World mod apk

Challenging regimes

You will attack the monsters by combining the skill pieces of the heroes. They will then offer powerful, damaging skills to help you defeat all monsters. But when you win, you still have many combat missions ahead. This world has many continents, and monsters have rushed to attack and occupy them. And the enemies you face when entering battles are just the minions of the evil boss. The most brutal monsters await you at the end of the modes to challenge your talents. Use your leadership skills and battle strategies to challenge challenging levels.

Elemental Story World free

Collect tokens

Destroying monster enemies is your most important goal when participating in battles. They cause the world’s destruction, and you must punish them. And at combat levels, you and the heroes will use skills to attack. By combining puzzle pieces, you can continuously create attacks to defeat monsters. Then, you can receive winning rewards, which are valuable collectable tokens. To unlock more heroes and help them destroy monsters to receive rewards. Experience combat missions and collect tokens that prove your combat talent.

Elemental Story World android

You will be tasked with helping the hero team win challenges against monsters. They are an evil species from the dungeon and are preparing a plan to take over this world. So, the monsters will organize attacks against different continents. An evil boss guards each place; you must destroy them to protect the world. You can attack and destroy monsters by helping the heroes arrange the puzzle pieces, And when you win battle levels, you will receive a victory reward of tokens. Download Elemental Story World MOD APK to experience combat challenges in the elemental world.

How to Download & Install Elemental Story World MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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