El Hijo – A Wild West Tale APK 1.0.0

Updated on 16/05/2022 (9 months ago)
NameEl Hijo – A Wild West Tale APK
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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El Hijo an escape from the monastery on a vast desert island. You play as a mischievous El Hijo boy who has to run away with his parents from robbers. His family lives on a farm, and suddenly, one day, a stranger comes to threaten his house. Therefore, they had to run away from them to ensure their lives. His mother took him to a remote monastery to keep him safe. But life here makes him not interested, wanting to find another place to live. But to overcome the monastery’s threshold, you need to step through the solid barriers of this place, which is not easy at all.

A 6-year-old boy but had to bear the dangers that were always lurking around. But it also made him much more mature, more cunning than his age. Overcoming the challenge, you will help him quickly get out of this gloomy but extremely dangerous place. If you go through it the first time, you will have more experience the next time, and it will be easier to wriggle around. The enemy had laid out rigorous battlefields, not simply passing their eyes. But a few successful escapes will show you many ways to conquer the object. The epic adventure allows you to freely discover the mysteries behind the place where he is temporarily residing.

El Hijo A Wild West Tale apk free

Download El Hijo mod – escape the traps in the remote desert

The adventure is not favourable and will take you anywhere but the monastery. Violent, brutal things can happen in a place full of criminals living that you can hardly distinguish. El Hijo overcame the challenges one by one; he became more confident and took risks in many situations. He seems to have grown up and knows the direction of the villains and dodges. The desert land is full of traps; you must get out quickly; this is not a safe place for him, as his mother thought. You can cause chaos here; by all means, don’t let the guards detect you. Instead, use darkness to hide from their keen eyes.

El Hijo A Wild West Tale mod

Survival in the wilderness

The monastery wasn’t precisely boring for him, but it was hazardous. The dark places are the scariest; the most exciting things await you. With the intelligence of a young man, the challenge is explored from many different angles. You have another friend to accompany you on this adventure, breaking the worries around. Go into the back alleys of the monastery together, escape the wilderness, and go to your favourite place. The Italian cowboy world that you are struggling to survive will have many new things, and maybe in experiencing it, you will find a favourite place.

El Hijo A Wild West Tale android

Combine darkness to overcome the challenge

In El Hijo, darkness is the core of the game’s content. The boy often has to hide behind the soldiers; hiding places will be convenient for you. Whatever action you take, you also need to anticipate possible outcomes and avoid detection. It is never easy to sneak behind someone’s back; letting the security team see you trying to escape will kill you instantly. But, of course, being careful is always an essential thing you should equip; paying attention to observing will not be superfluous. If you take advantage of the flexible night, you will succeed and, at the same time, attract other children who are also trying to get out like you.

El Hijo A Wild West Tale mod apk

Use tactics for each puzzle

Challenges are presented through challenging puzzles that you need to overcome in turn. Your tactics will add to the fun of this arduous journey. The strategy distracts the defenders, leading them in another direction to give you space to escape. A treasure of tactics is built by you, gradually accumulating through each day of the challenge. You will use it when necessary for each different specific case. Flexible steps to deal with worst-case scenarios and protect yourself and others. The bandits in this land need to be appropriately treated, and destroyed to eliminate crime.

El Hijo A Wild West Tale apk

Will the young boy’s journey go as smoothly as initially imagined? That will depend primarily on you, a man full of sophisticated tactics. You must help him survive in the arid and rocky land, successfully escape and regain his freedom. Your accomplices also want to run away; help them go with you. Everything must be done carefully, and if you let the robbers catch you, you will end the game. Discover the whole adventure in your way, don’t let the regrets happen. In the middle of a wild, remote place, there is a fierce battle between you and your opponent. Download El Hijo mod, fight and survive in the Wild West.

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