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Updated 31/12/2023 (4 months ago)
NameDeLight: The Journey Home APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK DeLight: The Journey Home

Games that incorporate exciting stories are always beautiful to players. You will be completely swept up in meaningful and challenging stories. Delight: The Journey Home is the right choice for those who love relaxing and humane games. You will be accompanied by a minor character and a lovely dog. Challenges will gradually be opened for you to face. You are the one who decides the fate and outcome of the story. Intelligence and kindness are the main ingredients for you to conquer this game. No need to use combat skills or bulky weapons. You will only need a wise and humane mind. This game is like another lens for you to see life.

Little girl Sammy is the main character of the game. You control this character throughout DeLight: The Journey Home. The touching story is written attractively with situations that make players melt. With unfortunate circumstances, Sammy lost her parents and suffered heavy consequences. The little girl did not see the light because of the damage of the war. The girl alone walked through dangerous journeys, and luck came to the intelligent dog Deli. You will go through this journey with Sammy and Deli to help them overcome their challenges. The game creates situations to puzzle and challenge your guesswork.

Delight The Journey Home mod

Download Delight: The Journey Home mod – Solve all difficulties

You don’t need to spend too much energy fighting. You don’t even need to be familiar with complex weapons. What you need is excellent guesswork to conquer DeLight: The Journey Home. Accompanying small Sammy is a highly energetic and intelligent dog: Deli. You will join them through many challenges to find Sammy’s family. Please observe and consider how to handle it before making a decision. Sammy and Deli’s road will be fraught with trials and dangers. You are the leader and also the safety guard for both. Role-playing becomes full of surprises, and it’s unpredictable.

Delight The Journey Home mod apk

Challenge your reasoning ability

The nature of DeLight: The Journey Home is to solve the given puzzles. A series of situations are built for you to figure out how to handle. Sammy and the little dog Deli will coordinate with the decisions you make. Situational content quizzes give you a rich experience about all situations. Players will many times face dangerous situations. You have to be very wise to choose the safest and most innovative way to handle it. The difficulty will be multiplied many times by Sammy’s limitation of not being able to see anything. You have to find the perfect combination for Sammy and the dog Deli. The game requires fast observation and calculation to come up with an answer or a solution. Sammy’s journey to find his parents will be more difficult later on. Be wise and patient in supporting her.

Delight The Journey Home apk

The super fascinating human story

The story content that DeLight: The Journey Home brings is quite profound. Sammy’s unfortunate situation makes players feel more sympathetic than ever. It can be said that this is one of the puzzle games with a meaningful and humane story scenario. The story covers all the circumstances that Sammy has to go through. Losing her parents and going blind are both big traumas for a girl. However, the positive message is still powerfully conveyed in DeLight: The Journey Home. Sammy is so happy with his friend, especially the dog Deli. Just be optimistic and try; any difficulties will be resolved. You will feel many encouraging messages from the game. So, along with the task of leading the young couple, you will see what you create additional value.

Delight The Journey Home android

Simple playing experience

Delight: The Journey Home is not only attracted by the touching story script. Players also feel very excited by the simple interface and gameplay. The drawings that make up the characters Sammy and Deli are pure and energetic. Situational puzzles with illustrations make it much easier to understand. Players will not be too worried about the gameplay right from the start. Instead, the quest to accompany the little friends will soon begin. You need to “make a move” immediately with your flexible reasoning and arrangement skills!

Delight The Journey Home apk free

Puzzle games always become attractive by creativity and are full of surprises. Delight: The Journey Home surpasses players because of its meaningful story. If you need a very close and cute way of entertainment, don’t forget this game. Players are sure to be delighted with the type of game that is both relaxing and humane. Download Delight: The Journey Home mod to use your reasoning skills to accompany the lovely couple on the journey to find their way back to their family.

How to Download & Install DeLight: The Journey Home MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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