Easy Share MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 1.3.16

Updated 28/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameEasy Share APK
PublisherMobileIdea Studio
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Easy Share

Do you often have difficulty sharing multiple documents and files across other devices? If yes, use Easy Share now. It is a great support to convert files quickly. Now your work will not be interrupted anymore. Make it easy to send files to everyone. This exclusive application for Android possesses a unique protocol. Make ways to send files now faster and more efficient. File failure or failure problems will rarely happen again. This lightweight transporter will create comfort during activities and jobs.

Easy Share can share all types of files at any time, with one condition that all smartphones you send are under the Android operating system. Even with Wifi or mobile data, it can work. But it will prioritize using Wifi to save data for you. With download speeds of up to 20M/s, this will be the file-sharing application that almost everyone needs the most. If there is no network connection, it will give you a choice to search for Wifi or use a mobile network.

Easy Share mod

Download Easy Share mod – Share files with speed and high quality

Using the traditional way of sharing files on smartphones is not necessarily safe at present. There are many possible errors due to incorrect software or protocol. Using Easy Share increases the ability to send files to many other smartphones at higher speeds. There is not much risk of errors happening, and there is a safe level of security. You need to go to Easy Share, select the files to send to your smartphone. Please select the location you want to send, another platform, a message, or someone else’s smartphone. Then wait a few seconds, and almost all have been sent.

Easy Share mod free

Unlimited file characteristics

The thing that makes everyone love using Easy Share is that it doesn’t have any restrictions or terms on the characteristics of the files you send. That means you can send any file. From images, audio, video, text… It doesn’t matter. You may be wondering what is the maximum size of a file can be sent? That is unlimited. Exactly like that, it can be sent whether a file is 1MB or 1GB in size. The only difference is that the sending speed of small files is naturally faster than that of large files.

Easy Share mod apk

Transfer files across devices

Other people’s apps and smartphones, but Easy Share also supports transferring files to various devices. The most common is moving files from smartphone to computer or tablet. Use the very familiar http domain on your website to do this conversion. For everything to go smoothly, you should connect your computer to your smartphone. Using a physical adapter or Bluetooth is also possible. It is very convenient for many different jobs that you have to do in the office. Convert files on the fly to get the job done quickly.

Easy Share mod apk free

Backup existing data

To make sure your smartphone doesn’t lose data by accident, Easy Share will back them all up to sdcard. It is an important thing that will store copies of the data in your phone. If something is accidentally lost, go to SdCard to restore it. This function partly clarifies how significant Easy Share is. It exhibits very reliable storage and memory capabilities. When used in many emergencies, it will be pretty convenient. No need to worry about your data being lost or not.

Easy Share free

With everything free for an unlimited time, Easy Share can be used indefinitely because of its impressive capabilities. Send files at standard speed. Store data to avoid loss and retrieve at any time. Easy Share mod will maximize its capacity in many files and folder-related work.

How to Download & Install Easy Share MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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