Dumpster MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 3.24.417.3aa6

Updated 04/04/2024 (4 months ago)
NameDumpster APK
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Dumpster

A trash can like the Dumpster in a phone looks like a novelty. But don’t take this for granted, as it will be conducive to you whenever needed. Helps to re-store files deleted due to carelessness during device use. Therefore, get some of the value that you get up to have been. Create a more innovative environment for your touch devices so you can enjoy life. Convenience and ease are what we are aiming for every day.

A trash can is a tool that helps us a lot in daily life. However, a phone containing a trash can is not something that everyone thinks about. But Ballota has taken a new step to create a Dumpster. A trash app can store everything you put in it. The actions taken are the same as a regular trash can. But instead, there will be more modern features than ever before.

Dumpster mod

Download Dumpster mod – Delete and store everything the user needs

We must have been outraged and helpless when we accidentally deleted the photos we liked forever. But now, with Dumpster, this can be solved quite easily. Just launch the application and grant it the necessary memory access permissions. This application will act like a place to store your files after you delete anything from the library or memory thoroughly since it still creates duplicates. Whenever you want, open the application and choose what you want. Then press restores, and you have successfully saved the things you want. So from here on, everything will be great and fun again.

Dumpster mod free

Retrieve photos easily

Photos are something that we save or delete on a very regular basis. That’s why unfortunate mistakes can happen at any time. In selecting multiple photos, sometimes you can delete things you should not delete. So Dumpster will archive everything you just deleted. When checking mistakenly deleted photos or videos, you can quickly select and restore them. So you can ultimately make mistakes freely because it no longer does any harm. Helps users to be much more confident in arranging their photos in the collection. What’s more remarkable is that the image quality will not be changed.

Dumpster mod apk

Recover lost files

In addition to photos or videos, we can also get back files that have been deleted while cleaning the memory. These files can be in any format like APK, ZIP, TXT, HTML, MP3, MP4,… These deleted files will be stored separately in a different section. You can access it to restore or permanently delete something you don’t want. It can also save the full version of the application before it is updated to a newer one. So you can do a lot of useful things with this unique feature. What’s more, apps can also be sorted by how long they were deleted. Make it easier for users to search.

Dumpster mod apk free

Release memory

Memory garbage becoming too much is a problem that many Android users encounter. But that worry will be gone because Dumpster can help you get rid of it. When you choose to free up memory, it will scan everything on the device. It is possible to classify junk files that come from ads or notifications. Then you need to delete them and wait for a while for the operation to complete. It is also possible to delete all in the device’s cache. Keep the following tasks free and run as smoothly as possible. Your device can now save a lot of things in memory.

Dumpster mod android

Lots of new features

The dumpster has many more unique features that you should consider using. For example, the auto-delete quality when you don’t need to restore anything. It will automatically empty your recycle bin until the feature is turned off completely. You can also connect to popular cloud storage apps on the market. Then put all the files in the trash up there for storage and preservation. Free up more space and not put pressure on your memory. You can also lock your screen to prevent intruders from using your device. Create a secure storage system that can be restored at any time.

How to Download & Install Dumpster MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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