Dragonian MOD APK (Unlimited money, meats) 7.9

Updated 17/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameDragonian APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, meats
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dragonian

The fairy world has always had strange creatures living there like dragons and unicorns. They carry within themselves countless magical spells. These creatures have eternal immortal life over time. But unfortunately, they are not real. Many people wish to once meet them and talk to them. See them fly and show off their abilities. Join the Dragonian to get lost in the wonderland of strange creatures.

Dragonian is a game with elements of fantasy combined with reality. The story is about an office worker who suddenly gets lost in the world of strange creatures. There he encounters a strange girl who is actually a dragon. He was forced to sign a contract with her and do his best. Your journey has begun at this point. With classic pixel graphics that often appear in old models. But now it has been brought to the touch device with a new style. For players who love these types of designs. Simple but extremely attractive gameplay with interesting and interesting missions.

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Download Dragonian mod – Fight to regain your freedom

Now that you have signed a contract with the other girl, you will have to follow her command. You will receive specific tasks that the girl gives you to do. These tasks are strange but will be comfortable for you. You can do it quickly and easily to get rewards. This game is similar to other old-level plow games, no need to control much. You can set the automatic mode to hang up the character to fight monsters. Very suitable and convenient even when you are too busy. Be a warrior who successfully completes the task assigned to you. Follow the instructions and earn many valuable rewards from the girl.

Dragonian mod apk

Upgrade equipment

In order for your hero to be more convenient in fighting, we need to upgrade. Equip him with the right weapons and armor for a quick boost. There are countless good equipment and weapons you can find in the game. Each item will give him its own boost. Please read their specifications carefully before deciding to equip them. Try to find equipment with rare attributes to have more terrible power. As you become stronger you can participate in quests of higher difficulty. Pass the levels more easily with huge damage. Blow up your enemies with the powerful weapons you get.

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Monster control

You will be given the privilege of being able to control monsters. It sounds ridiculous because the hero doesn’t destroy the monster but controls the monster. Actually, this is a very interesting point of the game because so you will not need to fight tired. There are already very powerful monsters to help you in the battles. You will easily be able to defeat the enemy with your large army. Note that it is not always possible to rely on the other monsters, but you also have to participate in the fight. You are the real winner. Make your way easier with docile monsters, making full use of their abilities.

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Possessing skills

You will possess special skills that when you come here you happen to have. These skills will allow you to summon elements that deal with tremendous damage. You can use it to attack when monsters become too many and difficult to control. These skills will help you in many dangerous situations. So try to learn how to use it most effectively. These skills when upgraded will greatly increase damage as well as effects. You will have to spend a lot of money to be able to upgrade to a higher level. But it will not let you down because of its effectiveness when summoned. Make the monsters fear your power.

Dragonian mod apk free

Challenge the boss

Bosses are extremely powerful people who live in the scariest places. Not only are they enormous in size, but they also possess incredible strength. To destroy it you will have to spend a lot of effort and be a strong enough person. The reward when you defeat this boss is extremely worth the effort you have to put in. Extremely valuable equipment and extremely rich resources will belong to you. So good players always benefit more and have great tips to beat the boss. Download Dragonian mod to start your strange journey. Own the most powerful billion-dollar equipment of the game.

How to Download & Install Dragonian MOD APK (Unlimited money, meats) for Android


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