Dragon Royale MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited mana) 1.0.331

Updated 31/12/2022 (1 year ago)
NameDragon Royale APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited mana
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Dragon Royale

Defend the dragon habitat and fight off the zombies in the Dragon Royale game. The zombies dared to enter the land of dragons and deserved punishment. Their cruelty has spread to the whole world, leaving every place without any life. The power of the virus helps them destroy everything that no creature can stop. They were very confident in that, and now they began to invade the territory of the sacred dragons. It would help if you led the dragon army in defense against the arrival of the undead. Prove to the zombies that the power of powerful dragons is not easily compromised.

The sudden appearance of the zombies made everyone unable to react. They have destroyed all and are about to spread their bloodlust to all lands. The long-dwelling sacred dragon land is also where those hungry zombies aim. The noise from this non-human being accidentally destroyed the safety of this place. You are living in a world of dragons, and you must take action to prevent this. The dragons will help you stop the advance of the bloodthirsty zombies out there. The castles will be the base for you and the dragons to fight off waves of zombies and attack them.

Dragon Royale android

Download Dragon Royale mod – Leader of dragons against zombies

Evil zombies have destroyed every place and are now approaching the land of dragons. Magical creatures are the only thing they have not encountered since appearing after the pandemic. A brutal war promises to break out from fearless zombies. The dragons still don’t know how powerful they are, and you will show them. The dragons in their castle were ready to show their power to the moving corpses. You will also have to pit your dragon army against others in the dragon world. Prove the superior power of dragons to the zombies and your opponents.

Dragon Royale free

Zombie Defense

Zombies will move toward your dragons, and you must strategize against them. You can learn the features of the dragons under your control with the tutorial. Your dragon can quickly stop the first steps of the undead in front of the castle. But that is only the first step because behind the newly destroyed zombies are many other turns. You can put your dragons on defense everywhere in the fortress, but it won’t be too far. The range is limited to your land, as your dragons can join forces to attack. Crush waves of zombies and secure the land of sacred dragons.

Dragon Royale apk

Unity of dragons

The dragons in your castle will carry a natural element of their own. Those elements bestowed them with overwhelming power over the advancing undead. You must rely on those dragons and create your dragon collection to fight. The combination of dragons will create a brave sacred dragon formation in the fortress. Once your dragons link together, you are ready to face the opponent. Your dragons can also combine to create a more powerful dragon. The unity of dragons gives you the strength you deserve to fight any opponent who dares to invade.

Dragon Royale mod

Defeat your opponent

In addition to fighting the hideous zombies, your dragon army has its opponents. The zombies move up to attack without having the same brain as you. Or they can make it difficult for you to confront zombie bosses after each level. But there are still opponents who also have an army of powerful dragons. They also have castles, and encroachment on each other in the dragon’s world is inevitable. So you will have to lead your dragon army and resist all attacks from opponents. So be patient with your army because it is not easy to fight zombies and opponents simultaneously.

Dragon Royale mod apk

You are transported into a new world where sacred dragons can live through the years. But before you can understand this world, you must see them face the zombies. You are a zombie connoisseur, and you must help the dragons fend off each wave of attacks. The dragon fortress is yours; now, you can lead the dragons in battle. The opponents out there are zombies and many opponents with the dragon army. Help the dragons in the fortress defend through waves of undead and destroy opponents. Download Dragon Royale mod to unite the dragons to overcome all difficulties beyond the fortress.

How to Download & Install Dragon Royale MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited mana) for Android


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