Dragon Paradise City Idle MOD APK 1.0.04 (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

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NameDragon Paradise City Idle APK
PublisherInsparofaith Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamonds
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Become the head of the paradise land of legendary dragons in Dragon Paradise City Idle. You have entered a new paradise, but this place is not for angels. This is a legendary land for powerful dragons living together for many years. You have arrived here, and let’s start the journey to build your kingdom. The land of dragons is full of gold mines, and you must control them to mine. The new foundation of a kingdom was gradually formed with the help of dragons. So become a dragon farming tycoon and use them as an army to mine all the gold.

The sacred dragon land has welcomed a new visitor with noble goals here. It was to form a kingdom built from the resources available in heaven. You have had the opportunity to set foot in the sacred land of dragons and receive approval. The powerful dragons will be the workers and help find the richest gold mines. Each mine will have separate dragons residing there and mining gold coins for you. The dragons will not stop mining gold mines until they complete their mission. Manage an army of dragons to mine gold and collect for rich kingdom building.

Dragon Paradise City Idle android

Download Dragon Paradise City Idle mod – Set up a kingdom in dragon’s paradise

You are a lover of exploring mines, so you will not be able to ignore this land. This is the paradise of dragons, and you have set foot here. The mines in this place are not mines or coal but gold mines. Pure gold mines exist underground, and you need to mine them. This will not only help you to enrich yourself but also help build a kingdom. You were alone but had the most potent help when you arrived here. Control the sacred dragon into the gold mine and establish the kingdom in the dragon paradise.

Dragon Paradise City Idle mod apk

Gold mine in paradise

The paradise of dragons is not only the land where powerful dragons live. This is also a place to hide other secrets that you have had the opportunity to discover. People who love mining mines, and just by looking at it, you know what this place has. The underground mines are the most valuable here because of their value. The moments you mine will bring you huge profits that you have never seen before. And only the gold mines long stored by dragons can do this. Search for dragons’ gold mines and exploit this rich paradise.

Dragon Paradise City Idle apk

Dragon’s help

The reserves of gold mines here are vast, and you alone will not be able to exploit them. But you will not have to worry because the dragons will help you complete the difficult task. Each dragon will follow your instructions and enter each mine with a quest. Creatures with incredible strength will easily dig deep down and mine gold for you. There are more than a hundred species of dragons in this land, and all of them will obey every word you command. You can also visit each mine and upgrade the mining dragons inside. Get support from sacred dragons and turn them into gold miners.

Dragon Paradise City Idle mod

Build a rich kingdom

There are substantial gold mines here, and that’s the basis for you to build a kingdom. The fact that dragons help in mining is also an opportunity for you to enrich yourself. The number of gold dragons collected for you will be used to build your kingdom. You can also control them to help create a land to live in. They will be happy if they can help you complete the kingdom-building step by step from the gold mine. Find and take the dragons of heaven into the area with many gold mines to mine. Then, step by step, guide your dragons to build a foundation and complete a prosperous kingdom.

Dragon Paradise City Idle android

A wealthy land with pure gold mines welcomed a man with big dreams. That is to build a kingdom from the resources available in heaven. Gold mines are physical resources that you can mine and plan. And powerful dragons will be a resource to help build the kingdom step by step. You will completely guide everything that happens in this sacred dragon paradise. The existence of the gold mines is the help of the dragons is also the most critical factor. Download Dragon Paradise City Idle mod to take advantage of the opportunities in the dragon paradise to build the kingdom.

Download Dragon Paradise City Idle MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) for Android

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