Tavern of Sins MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Updated 21/06/2021 (3 years ago)
NameTavern of Sins APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Introduce MOD APK Tavern of Sins

The heroes in charge of saving the world are always very busy with their great missions. Glory is like that, but there will be times when they are tired and need to rest. They are human, after all, so it makes sense. The ideal places for heroes to take leave are the gentle taverns of the kingdom. Would you like to run such a pub? If yes, then I recommend trying Tavern of Sins.

Type of tavern business to welcome the brave. The hero of a kingdom is one of the familiar fringe details in comics or anime. Tell us more about the lives of heroes. Answer questions like what the heroes will do when not fighting. In Tavern of Sins, you will understand better when directly operating your pub. Pick up heroic guests every day. Recruit more beautiful and attractive employees too. Increase income for this place while knowing more about the stories behind it.

Tavern of Sins mod mod

Download Tavern of Sins mod – Tavern business for heroes

A pub that hosts heroes will have a rather nostalgic design. Based on the medieval context, the architecture of the tavern is similar. With wooden floors and tables arranged in rows. A place for guests to sit and watch the beautiful staff. In the middle of the bar, squares are representing the positions of the staff girls. They will not bring wine to invite guests but do a job we should not talk about here. Especially, if you combine 2 identical girl cells, it will create a more beautiful girl than the old version. Customers will be extremely excited and spend large amounts of money on each girl. That is their main job.

Through the money received from the girls. Use them in addition to a few basic girls. Serves to upgrade to a beautiful girl that surpasses the original. The gameplay is just that, but it’s not boring when the bigger the money is harvested. You hire another attractive girl. Add to your proud collection a list of highly engaging pub staff.

Tavern of Sins mod

See an interesting photo gallery.

The girls you hire don’t just have good looks. She is even lovely and has many interesting features on her body. When received, they work in the pub. You will have the opportunity to collect many pictures of each girl. There are light and simple photos. And, of course, some photos are not very indecent. The pub must make a good profit thanks to the great contribution of the girls. So you have to cherish them and keep the photos carefully. This will be your own secret only.

Upgrade attractive girls

Not just serving from the outside. Girls are willing to let you take off your outerwear. Show off your most private parts with no coercion or threats. They want to do so. You will be in charge of this in the upgrade for the girls. It takes a certain amount of gold to upgrade them to a higher level. When in this lethargic state, the amount of money earned from customers will increase significantly. Not just humans but girls of other races like Demons, Elves, or Succubus. It will make you mesmerized and unable to take your eyes off the screen.

Tavern of Sins mod apk

Colorful pub design

The space of the tavern is also a significant factor in attracting special heroic guests. You can easily change the layout of the bar, from the seats to the pub scene. Through daily challenges and lucky wheel. You will earn money to decorate more miniatures or even a large area. Turn your pub into a beach with large dunes. A jungle is full of diverse creatures. Or a pretty dreamy candy house, although this place isn’t for kids either.

Tavern of Sins mod apk free

Adventures aside. Enjoy a rare sabbatical with the heroes in a fun pub. Become a pub boss, carry out business and provide the most needed services to customers. With beautiful and professional young staff girls, creating a happy and relaxing moment after each stressful battle. With gameplay, unlike any other game. This unique feature will make many people feel extremely excited; if you want to know if you are one of them, download Tavern of Sins to find the answer.

How to Download & Install Tavern of Sins MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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